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Donald Glover vs Troy Barnes vs Childish Gambino

I’d like to issue an apology to Donald Glover for taking two years to write a blog post about him. You see, the man also known to “Community” lovers as Troy Barnes and hip-hop heads as Childish Gambino is incredibly talented… and I? Well, I’m just a procrastinator. Perhaps I should take a hard-working cue …

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Dear Drake…”Take Care” of Your Fan’s Emotions

Dear Drake – At first, I wanted to write you to say thank you (it’s later, right? I’m guessing you expected gratitude once you released the followup to your debut album, Thank Me Later.) You see, your music has been heavily featured in the soundtrack to my recent life. Whether it was 2009’s “Best I Ever …

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“Crash” Course on Jocko Sims

Yes… it’s another tweet about…ME. First it was Rob Thomas, and next? One of the stars of “Crash” on Starz Channel, Jocko Sims. Jocko plays Anthony Adams aka Panic, Dennis Hopper’s right hand man in the show. There, he plays an aspiring hip hop artist. What’s kinda cool? Reality sort of imitates art. In fact, …

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I got 99 Problems…But Getting into a Party Isn’t One. Jay-Z/Eminem Private Concert.

Jay-Z. Eminem. Together…on the same stage. Yes, it happened weeks ago, but I’ve been on blogging hiatus and instead of recapping older events and going chronologically, I’d rather talk about the most exciting one. June 1st. 2009. So basically it’s the launch of “DJ Hero,” a new videogame like Guitar Hero…well, without the guitars. DJ …

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Cranking…Kissing Through Phones…Swag… Just another Day with Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

As mentioned elsewhere, I covered Wango Tango 2009.  I also mentioned a “fiasco” that occurred at this event.  Cliffs notes version? I had fabulous interviews with some of music’s biggest names… and then, the tapes went missing. But as the cliche saying goes, memory lives in the heart (not on digibeta tapes.) So now I’ll …