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I got 99 Problems…But Getting into a Party Isn’t One. Jay-Z/Eminem Private Concert.

Eminem. Jay-Z. Same Stage. "Renegade."
Eminem. Jay-Z. Same Stage. “Renegade.”

Jay-Z. Eminem. Together…on the same stage. Yes, it happened weeks ago, but I’ve been on blogging hiatus and instead of recapping older events and going chronologically, I’d rather talk about the most exciting one.

June 1st. 2009.

So basically it’s the launch of “DJ Hero,” a new videogame like Guitar Hero…well, without the guitars. DJ AM is the face of the game, so obviously because of his A-list status, the party is… poppin’.

In fact, a lot of the big celebs skip the carpet entirely and just chill inside. Sightings? Leonardo DiCaprio, Usher, Tobey Macguire and others hanging in the VIP balcony area (later I find out Christina Aguilera, Ashlee Simpson and others are up there,) plus…Rihanna chillin downstairs… where all the other ballers are (yes, ballers. Literally. Ron Artest and Grant Hill, just to name a few.)

Anyway. The show itself was SO sick. I learned about Jay’s problems (apparently he has 99 of

Jay-Z: My President is Black
Jay-Z: My President is Black

them,) Eminem’s game-winning strategy (he just loses himself in the moment,) and that neither of them are afraid to say what’s on their mind (any given time of day…they’re like renegades or something.) DJ AM and Travis Barker did their set before Em and Jay took the stage.

In terms of red-carpet fun? See for yourself. Sure there were tons of “fun” moments that didn’t make it on air…but I’m too lazy to recap all of it. Here are some bullet points.

  • Travis Barker skips all TV media but he’s willing to talk to us?! Too bad I was so caught off guard I asked really generic questions 🙁
  • DJ AM… He winked at me. More specifically, he winked when I probed into the Eminem/Bruno Movie Awards incident. Was it staged? A wink was all I needed…
  • Was it a wink, or a blink? Well Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and Fallout Boy’s Pete Wentz walked the carpet…together! Which makes our ridiculous banter about them being a couple and having a child all the more believable (ok not really, two guys CAN’T give birth.)
  • I end up rapping with the girlfriend of one of the stars of “Mad Men.” It didn’t make the cut. We bonded over our love for “Forgot about Dre.”
  • I told Baron Davis (LA Clippers) that I saw him rap at Opera/Crimson (the lounge/club) once. He laughed. We then bonded over NBA video games. I think I was the only one on the carpet excited to see him.
  • Vanessa Minillo talks about her love for Rockband. I’m not sure if she got the memo… this is a Guitar-Hero sponsored event… :-/  (I also convinced her that her and I go WAY back)



Afterwards? H.Wood…only my favorite socializing spot in LA. Spotted? Leonardo Dicaprio, Nikki Hilton, and E from Entourage (I think he gets that a lot.)


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  1. ”G hill!” Amazing concert. Looks like it was super fun.. but did you just swagger jack one of my twitpics? Ri and I agree this hits a little too close to home.

    1. samiakhan says:

      First off… Don’t think of it as swagger-jacking… Think of it as an indirect shout-out/mention in my blog… An honor, if you will.
      Looks like it was super fun? Haha, why don’t you just say that it was?
      And if you’re likening yourself to Rihanna…I don’t know what to say… Maybe you guys should just live your life?

      1. ”The only thing I swagger jack is the word ‘swagger jack”’

        Fine. All I ask for is ten percent..Or tickets to the JBar concert. I only listen to critically acclaimed rapiers.

        1. samiakhan says:

          That was a classic quote, I must say.

          How about I give you 50 percent… I can’t promise any tix though. :-/

  2. Vivek says:

    Awesome. So what is the take on DJ Hero?

    1. samiakhan says:

      Patel…I was on the phone with you when you typed this. you already know that I have never played DJ Hero. Closest Ive come to DJIng is befriending the person in the DJ booth and getting access to the booth itself. Me on the turntables?? Eeek… Maybe I should get the game to find out. Though, then I’d need a DJ name?

  3. i’m so muther effin jealous i am going to pee myself.

  4. azaankhan1 says:

    nice work



  5. I got 99 Problems…But Getting into a Party Isn’t One. Jay-Z/Eminem Private Concert. KHANversation Pieces is an interesting name for a blog, keep up the good work, thanks, from Yetta Wolf

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