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Never Go To Neverland…

MJ welcome

Alright so Michael Jackson. King of Pop. For some reason despite his odd actions, still considered god-like to millions around the world.

Michael Jackson had a ranch out near Santa Barbara. Neverland. You know, the place where all the alleged scandals involving young children took place.

After exploring all that Neverland had to offer, I get why he’s been given the ‘Wacko Jacko’ nickname.

MJ went bankrupt, an auction house came in to clear Neverland, put the items on display in Beverly Hills… only to remove the items after MJ sued and settled out of court.

However before the goods were packed, I managed to check out the “gallery.”

Dude. MJ…weird stuff inside your home. I should have taken more pictures but I had limited time during our tight shoot schedule.  Words can only explain so much – this scene was ridic.

So many sparkly gloves, sequined outfits… he really likes shiny stuff.

He had toys set up all around. Castles for kids to play in.

Children sat in this
Children sat in this

Toy cars – that weren’t really toys. They were mini. Like kids could sit in them.

Speaking of kids. Statues. of Kids. In the lawn. Awkward? Lil bit.


Oh… and addition to statues, there were mannequins throughout this ranch… Like…Fake butlers. Security guards. Weird? Did he actually think the butler would serve him? That the security would protect him and his ranch? (Clearly, said-security guard failed.)

I just think it’s weird.

(And in case you’re wondering, these observations took place back in April)


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