Khanversations was initially launched in 2009 as a humor blog by then-entertainment reporter Samia Khan, who started blogging as a way to connect with friends and share stories about her TV show set visits and celebrity encounters while working at TV Guide Network in Los Angeles. From Kanye to Kobe — she had a story about everyone, and she captured each moment in her signature khanversational writing style.

Since then, the now-professional friend (her clever way to create a “title” that embodies all she does) has refocused the Khanversations brand to encompass all that her personal brand represents: whether scripted or unscripted, editorial or fiction, Samia loves doing things that start a conversation, and aims to create content that uses humor and authenticity to challenge expectations and connect humanity.

Her Aladdin-inspired Teen Vogue essay, in which she reprised the voice of her Khanversations blog, has since inspired a memoir-in-development that reflects on the perspective of her formative years: “Raised by a Pakistani mother and an American television.”