Khanversations was initially launched in 2009 as a humor blog by multi-hyphenate content creator and former journalist Samia Khan, who started blogging as a way to connect with her friends and share stories about her celebrity encounters while working at TV Guide Network in Los Angeles.

Since then, she has refocused the site to encompass all that her personal brand represents: whether scripted or unscripted, editorial or creative, Samia loves the art of conversation and connection, and aims to create content that uses humor and authenticity to address issues that generate a social conversation. Her most recent work, an essay published in Teen Vogue, created quite a debate online. The essay, which is an excerpt from her upcoming book, truly sums up the tagline of her life: “Raised by a Pakistani mother and an American television.”

In 2013, Samia launched her first scripted series, #Instacurity, with co-creator Justin Gordon. The series used satire to address what they deemed to be an “epidemic”: society’s excessive concern with one’s social media presence, influence and/or likeability. National and international news outlets, most notably TIMEMashable, and Good Morning America, featured the project.

Samia Khan took a few years off to work in traditional journalism roles and continue using her conversational skill set, most notably as a digital anchor for FOX News Now in Arizona, before returning to the creative world. In 2018, she wrote and developed a humorous workplace comedy TV pilot based on her experience working for FOX in Arizona. In 2019, she began developing her third pilot, Khanflicted. In early 2020, she shot several comedic scenes as a proof-of-concept; a link is available upon request. Intellectual Property Group’s Leslie Conliffe represents Samia Khan for TV/Film opportunities.

Aside from scripted content, Samia also enjoys “Taylor Swifting” her life, and by that, she means writing her personal experiences into essay and blog form. She is working on a collection of humor essays for her debut memoir, Not Muslim Enough. The book is represented by Jessica Felleman at Foundry Literary + Media. Expected release date: To Be Announced.