samia khan

Samia Khan is an accomplished USC Annenberg-trained broadcast journalist (and thoughtful Facebook-status writer) who is currently on hiatus as she develops material to launch her second act professionally in the areas of TV/Film and Publishing, while living “off the grid” and focusing on her non-professional roles of daughter, sister, aunt and friend. 

The Fresno native (though Angeleno at heart) is most known for her work as the primary Digital Anchor on the Arizona-based streaming news program FOX News Now – being on air for thousands of hours over the course of three years, interviewing hundreds of newsmakers and entertainers, while developing an accidental expertise in political campaign events during the rise of the Trump era, as the then-known “FNN” accidentally became the go-to online platform for full livestream coverage of events nationwide surrounding the lead up to the 2016 Election. 

Because she prides herself on connection rather than division, unity as opposed to fear-mongering, her conversations with those most seemingly different than her are favorite to talk about. Sen. John McCain, FOX & Friends personality Brian Kilmeade, Dr. Oz, comedians like Bill Bellamy and Jeff Ross (who later roasted her on stage at the Tempe Improv), Danny Tanner (her virtual childhood father), then-Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, then-Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns players, nuns, a baby bear cub, Grumpy Cat… Samia Khan did it all. Effortlessly and with grace (though she may be too honest at times – HR had to have a safety talk with her after she divulged the location of her local dry cleaners while covering a high-speed pursuit live on-air. She just got excited. Kinda like Taylor Swift at an awards show. She’s…authentic.) 

Some of her most memorable experiences include hours-long, “gameday” live event coverage of 2016 Election Night, Muhammad Ali’s funeral and President Trump’s inauguration, as well as her daily topical chats about both headlines and just life in general with veteran FOX10 anchor Ron Hoon during the 10am to Noon block online and locally on FOX10Xtra (there’s even a clip floating around out there of then-anchor and friendly colleague Kari Lake “saluting” Samia from the White House grounds. Really…she was just trying to keep the sun out of her eyes. One could argue Samia is walking sunshine.)

Prior to her role at FOX, she created #Instacurity, an “ahead of its time” sketch series that satirically examined society’ obsession with their internet selves. She defined this word as “an excessive concern with one’s social media presence, influence and/or likeability” – the term and the project gained enough traction to get the attention of TIME, Mashable, Good Morning America, Huffington Post Live and others – and the word itself made it to Urban Dictionary (though she’s still holding out for Merriam-Webster.) There are reports for a potential Instacurity 2.0 reboot – but those reports have yet to be confirmed. 

Over the years Samia Khan has worked as an entertainment producer and correspondent for the TV Guide Network – covering dozens of red carpets and TV show set visits and interviewing too many actors, artists and industry types to name (though a “Kobe Bryant on the set of Sesame Street”-name drop is required), appeared live as a local news reporter at ABC stations in both Springfield, MA and Bakersfield, CA, performed as a digital correspondent on behalf of Samsung at the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, traveled as an event producer on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 Presidential campaign, subtly Taylor Swifted her ex in a Teen Vogue essay in the name of Truth, developed multiple sitcom pilots and adventured all over the world…in addition to other professional projects and once-in-a-lifetime experiences she can humorously and engagingly tell you about in-person. 

Conversation, she says, is an extension of her essence. She has that unique ability to successfully communicate in a multitude of genres – she’s dialogue-driven, but can effortlessly switch performance lanes. A natural knack for comedy because of her quick wit and mathematician brain, she also exudes poise and elegance when dealing with more delicate matters. 

She’s wide-reaching, not niche. Broad. She understands communication for a mass audience. She’s…America. (And with the advent of streaming, probably worldwide, too. Move over, Pitbull.)

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