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12 Seasons in the Making…

I have like 4-5 other “Khanversation Piece”-worthy stories, but this one can’t wait.

OK so, as most of you already know (because of a certain facebook picture/status/tweet,) I met Kobe Bryant yesterday.


More specifically, Alecia and I did set visit to a production stage in LA, where Kobe Bryant was taping a segment for Sesame Street set to air in November.

Honestly…not to make all you die-hard, Kobe-obsessed Lakers fans jealous, but… this really was the most awesome shoot ever.

First of all, to see Kobe Bryant interact with his family is something that I don’t think many “normal” people outside his inner circle get to see. Kobe brought his wife Vanessa and his two daughters, 6-year-old Natalia and almost-3-year-old Gianna, and made his Sesame Street appearance a family affair. Seriously, most adorable family ever and the girls are gorgeous (I mean really, mixed kids are always beautiful and well, having good-looking parents can’t hurt either.) Favorite family moment? Probably watching as Gianna watched the mini Kobe puppet dance and then said, “daddy dancing.” My heart melted. Adorable. And SO well-behaved.

Anyway, Kobe took the stage to teach kids about the word “miniature” with puppet Abby Cadabby (most readers will NOT know who she is, she’s the newest addition to Sesame Street.) It was super cute, and eventually a miniature Kobe puppet comes out that challenges big Kobe to a game of one-on-one (TOTALLY reminded me of the days of mini Penny Hardaway and the Sprite commercials.)

While all this way going on, you could get a sense that Kobe was super personable – he didn’t find it awkward that people had their iPhone’s out snapping pics (Heck, I even joked about it with him!)

After the shoot, the whole family posed the Sesame Street characters, and well once again, so adorable! I mean, imagine being like 4-years-old and hanging out with Elmo!? Pretty legit man.

As for the interview, well…here are the highlights:

  • Asked him about how he felt to be named one of TV Guide’s sexiest athletes? Haha, he was SO caught off guard, it was adorable. He replied with an, “Awkward…uhhh…thank you?” SO genuine.
  • When asked what he thought his best asset was, he jokes and suggests his “big booty.” I had to of course see this…but he said he was kidding, and that his wife makes fun of him ALL the time for not having a booty.
  • Speaking of his wife, we had to ask what SHE thought his best asset was. Response? No comment! Aww. Love.
  • Thoughts on President Obama’s basketball obsession? “It’s a big honor. I’ve seen him play, he has a wicked jumpshot, he’s got a great change of pace… Right now I’m actually scouting him just in case we play one-on-one, so he doesn’t make me look foolish.” – Oh Kobe, you’re a funny one…
  • Speaking of funny, Kobe himself says he’s a funny guy, that he’ll be a standup comedian like Seinfeld and have his own show post retirement.
  • Speaking of retirement, NOT happening anytime soon. Kobe’s gonna keep going cause he loves to play, and has “been fortunate enough to play the game this long.”
  • Pop culture Radar? Watches CSI: Miami, listens to Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and The Game
  • In his free time plays Guitar Hero, or princess video games, hangs on monkey bars with the kids.
  • He got his name from a piece of meat…but as he jokes, a high-quality, massaged piece of meat, and since his middle name is Bean, he’s like “Steak and Beans” (fun fact that Vanessa filled us in on – she sometimes refers to him as “frijoles.”)
  • Kobe suggests that Abby Cadabby and Elmo try out for the Lakers next year.
  • Abby Cadabby jokes about how she and “Gigi” have the same hairdo.
  • Kobe’s favorite Sesame Street characters are Oscar and the Count.
  • Kobe’s ticklish.
  • Kobe starts beat-boxing the Sesame Street song, Alecia dances to it, and the Sesame Street gang does the singing

In conclusion…the fact that it was my JOB to spend an hour with Kobe Bryant, his family and the Sesame Street gang…wow. Not gonna lie, kinda cool.

It’s weird looking back at like, 7th grade…talking about this hot, new 18-year-old player that was just drafted to the NBA…

Weird how 8 was my favorite number for a period of time because of him (well, 1, 8 and 23, for Penny Hardaway, Kobe, and Michael Jordan, respectively.)

Weird how he and I played a “guessing” game as to how tall he was… (FYI, he’s 6’6″)

What’s next, Justin?! ….

…A girl can dream, can’t she? :-/

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  1. sohail says:

    im jealous of your kobe day. havent seen you in a while, good to know youre doing well.

  2. Lisa says:

    Awesome recap. Sounds like Kobe’s a down to earth guy.

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