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The MayerCraft

John Mayer’s Cruise Ship. March 26th, 2009.

Yes…a press event…on a boat. John Mayer was kicking off his 4-day concert-cruise with fans, but before that, he teamed up with VH1’s Save the Music Foundation for a celeb-filled event.

OK, it wasn’t entirely celeb-filled, but John Mayer was there, and well, that’s a big enough name to keep at least 2 dozen press outlets waiting on the red carpet.

Fun fact: They had an food/open bar for the media. Conclusion? John Mayer LOVES the media (as if you needed an open bar to reach that conclusion, though.) It was right next to the casino (however, he didn’t love us enough to have a blackjack dealer on hand…) It was a nice set up for the members of the meeting schmooze and socialize before the event began (Heck, I even made a Facebook friend!)

Casino Floor
Casino Floor

John Mayer is witty. Politically-correct. Can use the media to his advantage. Probably secretly enjoys that he’s one of the Celebrity faces of Twitter.

Jordin Sparks? Adorable. Genuine, more like it, similar in that sense to Taylor Swift (Stay tuned, I’ll be writing about her soon.) She’s actually grateful for success. Wish there were more artists that came off this way.

Jordin Sparks. You really can't say anything bad about her.
Jordin Sparks. You really can't say anything bad about her.

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  1. Sure you can. she’s kinda chubby.

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