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I used to rock out to “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Flight to Vegas? $285.
Hotel stay at MGM? $184.
Enjoying Sin City on the company’s dime and ending up at the Capitol Records party — oblivious to the fact that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are there? Priceless.

April 5th was the Sunday of birthday weekend, and I spent it…working.

Taylor Swift. Adorable. I <3 "Love Story"
Taylor Swift. Adorable. I <3 "Love Story"

Granted, you really can’t complain about work when you’re getting paid to stand around a red carpet, in Vegas, right before the Academy of Country Music Awards.. especially when you’re a closet Taylor Swift fan (ok, guess the secret’s out…), AND when the host you’re working with basically owns the country music scene (yes Little Miss Nashville, Alecia Davis… I’m talking about you.)

I’ll keep this brief. Nashville seems like a happy place. Well, assuming that Nashville is just filled with country singers/groups on every corner. Something about that whole Southern hospitality/Southern charm thing. Like people are generally all about the “y’all’s and ma’am’s” but… it’s endearing. The cowboy boots and hats while roaming around Vegas? A priceless image.

Sometimes people hate on country music. In my opinion, I don’t think they’re true music fans.

Trace Adkins. Cowboy Hat.
Trace Adkins. Cowboy Hat.

I think people who are real fans of music can find something to appreciate in every genre – real artists can find joy collaborating with anyone (lest not forget that Snoop Dogg tried out both Bollywood and Country…)

I prefer "Country Miley"
I prefer "Country Miley"

Here’s to hoping a Miley Cyrus/Jamie Foxx duet is in the works…

(And yes, the title of the post…absolutely, 100 percent true. Garth Brooks, too.)

P.S. Darius Rucker seems really nice. Yes, the black guy from Hootie and the Blowfish. He’s like… owning the country charts right now. Inspiring. The Barack Obama of country? Is that inappropriate/insensitive of me to say? Oh well.

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