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Daddy Issues: What My TV Fathers Taught Me

Happy Father’s Day! I don’t know about you, but I spent most of my childhood (the 90’s) in front of a television set. In fact, I actually once told Simpsons-creator Matt Groening that Homer Simpson raised me (he looked at me with a little bit of concern, as if his eyes were saying, “D’oh!” Not …

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Breaking News! Brian Williams Entertains Me

This just in: Brian Williams is a huge fan of obituaries, owns two American cars, and thinks Jon Stewart is a necessary branch of government. Good evening, I’m Samia Khan. (The lead of my hypothetical newscast after my run-in with Brian Williams.) Alright enough of the daydreaming. Let’s talk business. My business. News business. I …

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Parks, Recreation, and…Mustaches?

OK so I have a confession… Everytime I see a mustache, I can’t help but laugh. OK maybe not laugh, but smile. Smirk. LOL in my head. And well, this past November was no exception… that’s when, thanks to a few dear friends (yes Waldo and Waseem, I’m talkin about you guys,) I learned about …

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Jerry Seinfeld: My Relationship Ref

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to watch Seinfeld. In fact, you’d typically hear my mom saying, “Samia, go to your room!” whenever my older brother was watching this (or Friends. I was also sent to my room when my dad watched “90210” and “Melrose Place.” Don’t ask me why my dad chose the programming he …

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Arjun Gupta: My Favorite “Nurse”

  June 2007. Los Angeles. NYU actor and USC broadcast journalist meet. They dine together. Smoke hookah. Shop on Melrose. Try Pinkberry. Have deep conversation. March 2010. Los Angeles/New York. Actor is a series regular on Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie.” Broadcast Journalist is figuring out the next move, meanwhile maintaining a blog called Khanversations. The two …