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Parks, Recreation, and…Mustaches?

OK so I have a confession…

Everytime I see a mustache, I can’t help but laugh. OK maybe not laugh, but smile. Smirk. LOL in my head.

And well, this past November was no exception… that’s when, thanks to a few dear friends (yes Waldo and Waseem, I’m talkin about you guys,) I learned about the Movember movement.

Little did I know that this knowledge would inspire a conversation, and perhaps a storyline, with “Parks and Recreation” star Nick Offerman (aka: Ron Swanson.)

My favorite mustache…on TV

After listening to him speak on a P&R panel, I walked up to him because well…I was dying to know.

SK: What are your thoughts on the Movember movement?

NO: Movember? I don’t know what that is…

SK: !!!!

(OK. So. He doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Awkward? Not quite. I just keep talking.)

SK: Oh, well in November, in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer, guys grow their mustaches.

NO: I’ve never heard of it!

SK: It suddently became all the buzz this last November; it started in Australia.

(And now, the inspiration hits…)

NO: I’d love to get in on that. I love ya know, anytime, a jackass like me is lucky enough to get a job like this, anytime we can use that to help awareness or research of any type of cancer or sickness, I think that’s great. So hopefully, next Novmeber, Ron Swanson can become a flagship for the Movember Movement.

(Wait a sec…did I just inspire a storyline? Like, does that count as being a contributing writer? This could totally up my IMDB game…)

NO: I’m gonna tell the [writers]. We love incorporating real-life sort of public issues like that, i think that’d be real fun.

SK: Are you lying to me?

NO: I’m not

SK: So if I see an episode that features Movember, I’ll know I contributed somehow.

NO: When youre on a show with 7 regulars, you’re always looking like “Hey, here’s a good story that has me in it.”  Haha, so thank you for the tip.

I ended up seeing Nick later that night at the NBC party, and he told me he had already told the writers about Movember and they were fans.

So there you have it. My first potential writing credit. November 2010. Parks and Recreation. NBC. (Does this mean I get a 10-percent cut?)


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  1. YEEESSSSSS!!!! I love this story. I’m glad that my mustache inspired people. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to talk mustaches with Nick Offerman over some bourbon and breakfast food. Check out my photo sitting at Ron Swanson’s desk rocking my mustache. Pretty awesome.!/photo.php?pid=53148281&id=2208830

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