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Toofer Talk: 30 Rock’s Keith Powell

I have a confession to make. I…




I don’t really watch much TV.


Yes, I know some of you may be thinking, “WTF?! She worked at TV Guide Network for two years, how the heck does she NOT watch TV! Doesn’t her job require her to be on TV??”

The answer is…yes. However. I did watch a few episodes of “30 Rock” recently, and it reminded me of a red carpet interview I did with one of the stars…

You may know him as Toofer, assuming you watch critically-acclaimed TV. For those of you who would rather just watch the latest episode of Jersey Shore or TMZ (although I’d like to believe my readers are better than that),you can just call him Keith Powell.

In my opinion, Powell kinda has it made. I mean, TV show with Tina Fey?? Kinda awesome (and yes, for all you haters, liking Tina Fey IS cliche, but you can’t blame me.)

So, in case you’re interested in how Powell is adjusting to fame, and how he deals with creepy people that approach him at bathroom urinals, watch this next clip.



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