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Topanga vs. Danielle

When I say “Topanga,” what does it mean to you?

If you’re old and into ‘suburban life’ and live in LA, you’re probably thinking of the mall right off the 101 freeway.

However if you’re young and cool and hip and watched TGIF (like me), you obviously thought of Cory Matthews love interest on the greatest show ever — “Boy Meets World.”

(There’s also Urban Dictionary’s definition here.)

Admit it. You loved “Boy Meets World” too.

Perhaps now, she’s best known to Style Network and FUSE fans as Danielle Fishel, the TV host. But for me? She’ll always be Topanga. And since I didn’t want to come off as some uber-geek fan, I didn’t tell her that. In fact, I didn’t even mention “Boy Meets World,” or the fact that I relate many of life’s lessons back to that show (there’s this episode where Cory is torn between love-of-his-life Topanga, and newcomer-Mountain-Girl Lauren. He uses jellybeans to decide who to go for before having the epiphany that he can’t see his life without Lauren. I’ve always like that episode.) Anyway. We simply had a chat about fashion. Starbucks. Met her boyfriend. Introduced her to my BFF. Exchanged numbers (alright I lied about that last part.) You get the picture.

Anyway. Topanga (yes I will refer to her interchangeably as both her character’s name and her real name) is now a full-time student, getting her Psych degree in Orange County. (I wonder if she misses Mr. Feeny?) Her plan B is working in marriage and family therapy, assuming this whole TV thing doesn’t pan out.

So far? TV’s working. Since she has this whole Style Network gig, of course we talk fashion. She helped dress her boyfriend that night.  Oh and speaking of boyfriend…. her must-have item? The boyfriend blazer.

Danielle (see I told you I’d interchange names) is a huge fan of the Kim Kardashian look. “She doesn’t look like she’s starving. I try to follow that curvy girl’s mentality.” So how does she do it? Um…eating.  Fave foods? Breakfast: pancakes. Lunch: Chicken wraps. Dinner: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Dessert: Frozen yogurt, cheesecake, maybe pie.

Since she likes consuming calories…she’s in luck! Her boyfriend’s a barista at Starbucks…meaning, all-she-can-drink! Thus, we talk about drink orders. She’s a skinny caramel latte kinda girl. Extra pump. Extra shot. Mixes nonfat and soy milk (that’s a lot of writing on one cup.) Me? Depends. If it’s holiday season, a peppermint mocha. What they don’t tell you is that it’s actually on the menu ALL YEAR LONG! (Topanga didn’t know this fun fact. She told me i was like the secret menu at In-N-Out.) I, however, am weird, and can only drink holiday beverages in the red holiday cups, therefore I only get that drink between November and January. The rest of the year? Tall, soy, extra-hot sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte, thank you.

Somehow this Starbucks talk gets us to literature (I recently read a book called “How Starbucks Saved my Life.” No, it’s not about excessive caffeine intake.)  She starts talking about her Kindle, and how she’s reading Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol.” BFF Priya gets excited, and those two get all intellectual and begin to talk about their favorite Dan Brown books.

As for me and the barista boyfriend? …We continue talking about Starbucks drinks.

So even though I may not be able to discuss Dan Brown novels with the best of them… I can at least guarantee me a free drink at an Orange County Starbucks. And perhaps another run in with Topanga.

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  1. Bassem Dahdouh says:

    I hate to admit it…I watched that show. I had no idea where she went because I don’t watch Style network. Nice blog post 🙂 What happened to Cory?

    1. Samia Khan says:

      Hmmm… I heard he went to Stanford? Don’t know what happened after that though! I should have asked Topanga…

  2. brentith says:

    Almost as sweet as Zach and Kelly Morris

  3. Topanga is not just a mall– it’s actually a very long road (Topanga Canyon Rd) that goes from the lush shores of Malibu all the way to the wasteland of Simi Valley (or near there).

  4. In talking about Topanga Canyon I pulled up a map and it showed me some businesses on the map. One of them is this truly freakish place called The Inn Of The Seventh Ray (top result there, I think) which is like this really tranquil restaurant with a charming outdoor area with a bubbling creek and good, healthy food— with the biggest cult freaks you could ever imagine running it.

    I went there for sunday brunch with a few friends once and we pretended that our eldest friend, this hollywood director guy with big director hair, was our guru and we would all act obsequiously obedient towards him. He would shout at us and chastise us for petty infractions— like laying a spoon lengthwise in a saucer. Later he pulled out some crystal and we all had to touch it to our foreheads and say something. Because this place has a lot of hollywood types there everyone does that thing where they act like ridiculous stuff is perfectly normal because maybe they don’t quite understand it or maybe it’s someone famous doing it. The waiters seemed to think we were perfectly normal.

    If you have some open-minded friends hit that place for brunch sometime.

  5. baristababe says:

    the starbucks that her boyfriend works at is Chapman and Swidler. I work right down the street at 17th and Tustin!!

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