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“Crash” Course on Jocko Sims

new jocko tweet
I love @replies

Yes… it’s another tweet about…ME. First it was Rob Thomas, and next? One of the stars of “Crash” on Starz Channel, Jocko Sims.

Jocko plays Anthony Adams aka Panic, Dennis Hopper’s right hand man in the show. There, he plays an aspiring hip hop artist. What’s kinda cool? Reality sort of imitates art. In fact, he actually recorded a single for the show called “Head Up,” which you can apparently purchase on iTunes.

Anyway. In real-life, he’s the producer behind this aspiring kid rapper, Kiowa Tucker – or “K.O.” as he likes to refer to himself (Yes, KO as in knock out. Yes, he’s like 13. But he’s got skills! Or is it, “skillz?”)

jocko kiowa
Future of hip-hop?

OK so I interview Jocko, desperately trying to not let my Trojan pride get in the way (unfortunately, he Bruin-ed his life and attended UCLA.)

Awkward moment? I’m giving him a “Crash” quiz and at the end he asks if there’s a question about him! Fail, there isn’t! But in my defense, I didn’t write the quiz, I just administered it.

To be real though, the interview was super fun… great banter, ESPECIALLY once we started talking Twitter.

I feel like Twitter really bridges the gap between celebrity (Jocko) and normal person (me.) Anyway, I call Jocko out on the fact that he never tweets. He says it’s hard for him to think of stuff to tweet, and to remember to tweet it. I tell him that I, too, used to be a hater…until I discovered Twitterfon. Since he has an iPhone, I suggested that he download “Twitterfon” (now known as Echofon) because well… once you have Twitter on a mobile device, you become addicted. It’s really not that cool when you have to like, log onto a computer just to write your 140-character-or-less thought.

Anyway…we now follow eachother on Twitter, and well it’s been over 2 month since our interview, and he’s only tweeted 13 times since then! Ridic. I’m definitely going to at least @reply him and send him this blog entry. Maybe he’ll tweet more after this?



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