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Messin’ with Muggles… Man on the Street reactions to Harry Potter #6

I love strangers. Seriously. I actually enjoy talking to random people more than I do celebrities. Perhaps it’s the local news in me? Anyway, Harry Potter broke box office records… 22 million dollars in sales just in midnight screenings the day it was released. Ridic. The record is all thanks to crazy fans, fans who …

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Jack Bauer Wanted to Headbutt Me

Conclusion? Be fully-prepared and watch every episode of “24” BEFORE you interview Kiefer Sutherland, or… he’ll call you out on it. Yes, even your crazy-24-obsessed BFF’s notes won’t save you in this scenario (trust me, I know.) I went to the “24” season finale screening back in May. This was Kiefer’s first public appearance since …

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I got 99 Problems…But Getting into a Party Isn’t One. Jay-Z/Eminem Private Concert.

Jay-Z. Eminem. Together…on the same stage. Yes, it happened weeks ago, but I’ve been on blogging hiatus and instead of recapping older events and going chronologically, I’d rather talk about the most exciting one. June 1st. 2009. So basically it’s the launch of “DJ Hero,” a new videogame like Guitar Hero…well, without the guitars. DJ …

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It’s 3am, I Must be Lonely… Or, Hanging with Rob Thomas.

Hanging out at the Raffles L’Ermitage – this swanky suite in Bev Hills. Meet Rob Thomas, we sit down, what do we do? Immediately tweet. Yes. Tweet. Of course I @reply-him, and his response? He twitters about me. This is kind of a big deal. I think this is the moment where Twitter officially beats …

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Cranking…Kissing Through Phones…Swag… Just another Day with Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

As mentioned elsewhere, I covered Wango Tango 2009.  I also mentioned a “fiasco” that occurred at this event.  Cliffs notes version? I had fabulous interviews with some of music’s biggest names… and then, the tapes went missing. But as the cliche saying goes, memory lives in the heart (not on digibeta tapes.) So now I’ll …

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