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Marriage, Charity, Cooking… Trish is my Country BFF.

I had a phone conversation with Trisha Yearwood. This was…Tuesday, May 5th.

Country Cookin'
Country Cookin’

For those of you that aren’t super music-savvy, Trisha is a big-time country music star. And…she’s married to Garth Brooks. I used to listen to Garth Brooks in my friend’s mom’s car back in like 3rd grade (I was from Cen Cal, people.)

Anyway. Another great example of why country music stars are probably the nicest in the industry.

We chatted about Habitat for Humanity, her decades-long career, and her advice for Taylor Swift (basically…only record music you want to record, otherwise you’re a sellout and you’re stuck singing a song you hate the rest of your career!) We also discussed cooking (apparently Garth loves potatoes, and she herself prefers salty to sweet,) AND… we even got super personal and girly and talked about her engagement!

I mean, I kinda HAD to ask. Once I discovered via Wikipedia that Garth proposed while in Bakersfield (yes…Bako…my former place of employment and the hometown of my bff,) I had to talk to her about how Bakersfield is, well…romantic? Probably the oddest conversation she had a journalist that day, let me tell you. I mean really, she’s probably just weirded out that someone could get excited over Kern County’s “it” city.


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