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Nick Cannon’s Got Talent?

Nick Cannon. Mr. Mariah Carey to many… former All That star to some…. And… comic/musician/actor/host to few. (Kidding! To many as well.)

Not gonna lie…Nick Cannon was a joy to talk to the other day (June 22nd.) I had some preconceived notions about him, simply because of all the media attention given to his high-profile marriage to his media-deemed “cougar” wife.

  • Nick says he hardly sleeps, that on your average day… he’s up about 20 hours, but says that’s a good thing. He’ll usually sleep heavily on Sundays to make up for whole week.
  • He’s hosting this season of “America’s Got Talent.” What’s his hidden talent? Well… to be honest, he’s not hiding anything. Nick says he’s probably exploited every talent he has, and jokingly suggests that he hasn’t shown the world his origami skills yet (perhaps he can make paper cranes?)
  • One person with a hiddle talent? Wifey Mariah. He proudly shares that his number one lady is a really good free-style rapper and that he doesn’t even try to compete with her skills.
  • Speaking of Mariah? Hear about her new song “Obsessed?” Is or isn’t it an attack on Eminem? Cannon’s take? He jokes around for a bit and says it’s about him cause he’s obsessed with his wife, but then says straight up, “If the shoe fits, whoever it may be, they should put it on.” I’m not sure what it means, but I’m going to assume it means yes. It’s about Em.
  • Oh and he actually LIKES Eminem’s new album Relapse. No hard feelings Slim Shady.
  • “Obsessed” comes from the “Mean Girls” line “Why are you so obsessed with me?!” Nick says Mariah is like obsessed with that movie moment.
  • Regarding him and MC’s marriage? It works because they understand eachother’s schedules and they value their time together. Aww?
  • And what about kids? Nick says he wants astro-kids! He wants to send ’em to the moon, not the stars (entertainers,) and plans on starting his kids in calculus at age 2.
  • Fun fact? Nick started in stand-up comedy at a super early age. He likens comedy to a bad drug that you can never stay away from, and says he’s coming out with a Comedy album next year. But it’s not like an album full of comedy. Rather, a compilation of humorous songs? Yes. Cannon has a song about people getting drunk. The catch? he doesn’t drink.
  • We talk twitter (of course.) He gets really excited talking about all the ridiculous things he tweets, like “What does the K in K-Mart stand for.” He never told me what it stood for.
  • Oh. And I asked him about “swag.” He says he’s done with the swag, he only rocks his wedding ring now.


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