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Jack Bauer Wanted to Headbutt Me

Conclusion? Be fully-prepared and watch every episode of “24” BEFORE you interview Kiefer Sutherland, or… he’ll call you out on it. Yes, even your crazy-24-obsessed BFF’s notes won’t save you in this scenario (trust me, I know.)

I went to the “24” season finale screening back in May. This was Kiefer’s first public appearance since he his whole “headbutting” incident.

Overall, I hit it off with most of the stars… someone complimented my jacket, and Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie’s dad) treated me like I was his own daughter! Actually no wait, he and his own daughter don’t really talk… eh, regardless, he touched my face very lovingly, and I felt like we had a connection.

Anyway. Back to the star you actually care about – Kiefer. I mention the idea of  Jack Bauer’s daughter being in trouble, and mention the beef between Jack and Tony and Tony being a bad guy… Kiefer’s take? “If you actually watched the show, you would know that was like 7 episodes ago…”

Eeek? Um… I’m sorry, but not every journalist can religiously watch every show on television. AND… I asked about vague themes, NOT specifics! It could have totally applied to the finale – right? :-/



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