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Party like a CirocStar: Diddy’s Annual White Party

Sponsored by: Ciroc, Sean Jean, and I AM KING (Basically...Diddy)
Sponsored by: Ciroc, Sean Jean, and I AM KING (Basically…Diddy)

Most people spend the 4th of July with friends/family… so unless my new bff is Diddy or Ashton Kutcher, it’s clear I had an untraditional 4th.

Every year, Diddy throws his “White Party” in the Hamptons. For the first time ever, he brought it to LA… because he’s been here filming a movie with Russell Brand. Anyway. I had to cover the event for work.

The play-by-play? Everyone has to park in Beverly Hills and get shuttled up to some giant HOUSE mansion in the Hills. EVERYONE (yes, media included) must wear white. At first, I had considered wearing off-white cause I had this cute dress in that color. Thankfully before I got dressed, my dear friend Reid told me, “Diddy will throw you out if you don’t wear white.”

Anyway, everyone is in white, hanging out in scorching heat, awaiting arrivals. Diddy pulls up, runs inside. Eventually a handful of celebs walk the carpet, but not as many as I’d expect. When Diddy walks, he brings an entourage of servers carrying special “Diddy” drinks (a Ciroc mix) and white cupcakes because well, everything is white.


Because of certain industry “ins,” access to the party is granted… where I discover what it’s like to live like a King (yes, there were bottles of I Am King cologne everywhere…) White cotton candy, a roomPOOL dedicated to the video game DJ Hero (yes, from previous post,) people on stilts, a mini bounce house with both music-video-chicks and little kids bouncing, Starbucks ice cream, bottles of Ciroc at every table… ridic. OH! And Diddy on the mic, encouraging everyone on the rotating dance floor to dance (I remember they were playing Drake’s “Best I ever Had.”)

Overall observation (And yes I tweeted this but it’s too funny not to repeat?): Everything at Diddy’s white party is white… except the attendees.

ASHTONDEMIOK that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Diddy hosted it with Ashton Kutcher this year, so of course celebs like Demi were there, as were JC Chasez from NSYNC, Chris Brown (didn’t see him but saw the pics the next day,) Russell Brand, and more.

I hope I get an invite next year.




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  1. Whoa. Sounds like you were locked in! I’m a big fan of Diddy’s music selection. Drake is the truth! By any chance did they play the Diddy classic ‘I need a girl part 1’?

    Just in case you forgot, my roomate and I love this video:

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