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D’oh! Eat My Shorts. Ay Caramba.

I don’t know about you but I love The Simpsons. Like, if there’s one TV-Dad who raised me, it’s Homer Simpson. (Danny Tanner comes in a close second.)

Anyway, The Simpsons were honored in the postage world with commemorative stamps, released on May 7th. The “official” release function was at the FOX Studios lot in West LA.

Observations? Well one thing that was really cool was that there’s was an actual place called Moe’s on the lot! OK, so it wasn’t a tavern, but still… it DID sell drinks. Specifically, coffee and smoothies (and yes, I bought a smoothie.)

Kelsey Grammer, who is most commonly known as “Frasier,” happens to be the voice of Bart Simpson’s arch-nemesis, Sideshow Bob. For some reason, FOX felt that Bart’s nemesis would be an appropriate speaker at this celebration. Anyway. Even if you weren’t a fan of Sideshow Bob, you kind of HAVE to be a fan of Kelsey Grammer. When he came off stage, I approached him because I wanted an interview, but first told him how trippy it was hearing “Frasier” all of sudden sound like Sideshow Bob. He was amused, to say the least. Kelsey Grammer was a really nice guy to talk to, but unfortunately he had to bounce somewhere… however, he DID promise me he’d come find me if he came back (FYI, he never returned. Or maybe he did and I was lied to? Oh well.)

I interviewed many of the brains behind The Simpsons, including creator Matt Groening. I told him Homer Simpon raised me. He said I turned out well, and went off about how Homer’d be a horrible father to really have because he chokes his kids. I mention they never die. He laughs.

Fun fact: Groening created the character Maggie in honor of his sister.

All in all, fun shoot…mostly because I spent hours of my childhood in front of the TV, watching everyone’s favorite yellow-cartoon family. Oh. And Bart Simpson hugged me. Kinda cool.

Enjoy the pics below (yes, posting pics AFTER the writing. It’s a new blogging technique I’m trying out.)

A random building on the Fox lot
A random building on the Fox lot
The entrance to Moe's, where I got my smoothie.
The entrance to Moe’s, where I got my smoothie.
Dedicated fan
Dedicated fan
Homer pulling an "SK" (shrugging)
Homer pulling an “SK” (shrugging)
Right before Bart hugged me <3
Right before Bart hugged me <3



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