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Attack of the…Umami Burger

So, fate had it that I ended up at LA-trendy-burger joint Umami Burger the other night (thought trendy and burger in my opinion should contradict eachother.)

Umami, being a “trendy” place, obviously had a wait. Yes, 12-dollar-burgers (no sides included) are wait-worthy…when you’re expensing your meal.

So, I waited. And in that waiting period, I met a boy. He was endearing. Friendly. Slightly elusive. I was looking over a menu, and my co-worker was busy acting too-cool-for-school on the phone (but let’s be real. People who know both of us know that I’m obviously the cooler one.) So naturally, discussion about which burger to get began with said-boy.

Boy and I looked over the menu. He said he’d been here a bunch, and gave his recommendations (basically recommended everything.) I asked him what “Umami times 6” was (the menu had a burger called the Umami Burger. The description says “Umami x6”). He was confused… so, I turned to something that wouldn’t let me down: Yelp.

I Yelp, we chat more, and eventually the hostess lady comes out to offer him a table. This boy is kind (or friendly, as I aforementioned) and so he gave us his table since his friend wasn’t there anyway.

There was something special about him, but I let it go (what can I say? I’m great with people and conversating. Yes, I know that’s not a word, but whatever. Point is…I don’t let every moment that feels like a “connection” get to my head.)

I move on, I eat a larger-than-life Pastrami burger, and feel like death. As we’re walking out, said-boy takes notice, stops us, and asks us what we’ve ordered. I tell him about the Pastrami-burger-of-death, and he asks if I meant that in a good way… (please someone, explain to me when the term “death” is a good thing??) Anyway, I’m irritated that I didn’t listen to said boy and order the “Hatch Burger” or even the freakin’ 6TimesUmami thing, so I rant and say I’ll try something else next time.

Said-boy is very nice. Cordial. Interested in my rant. The goodbye was genuine. Again, I felt like said-boy and I had a bond (you know, the kind where you turn to your co-worker as you walk out of the Burger joint and say “If I were single…” dot-dot-dot I’m not finishing that sentence.)

I can’t help but think of said-boy as we walked to the car. Then a sudden realization/recognition moment happened. Almost awkwardly, I google image search someone and ask my co-worker if this looks like the guy we met. He says “yeah, kind of.”

I then recall the moment the hostess came out and asked for a name on a list. My co-worker replies “She said Kevin.”

Then, like any internet-savvy 80’s baby does, I turn to Twitter for affirmation:

“There should be a Foursquare badge for the cluster of hipster-mustaches at Space Fifteen-20 tonight. Holy-lomography-hell!”

Yes, the Umami we were at was located at Space Fifteen-20. Yes, that tweet was from said-boy. Said-boy with 96,000+ Twitter followers, said-boy whose videos I had been watching somewhat regularly rather recently in preparation for a G4 audition, said-boy named… Kevin Pereira, host of G4’s “Attack of the Show.”

Awkward? Ummm….only if he reads this post…




PROOF! PS: He doesn’t actually look like a cat…
…He looks more like this.


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    Death by chocolate
    Death cab for cutie

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