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Debby Ryan: Disney Darling….Mario Nemesis?

Debby Ryan is the next  _______. Whether you fill in the blank with Miley, Demi, or Selena, the point is she’s Disney’s next “it” girl. Anyway.  I went shoe shopping with the “Suite Life” star – and discovered she’s super… sweet (pun totally intended.) So here’s the deal. I say the word “eeek” a lot. …

Blog Posts Famous Faces

Attack of the…Umami Burger

So, fate had it that I ended up at LA-trendy-burger joint Umami Burger the other night (thought trendy and burger in my opinion should contradict eachother.) Umami, being a “trendy” place, obviously had a wait. Yes, 12-dollar-burgers (no sides included) are wait-worthy…when you’re expensing your meal. So, I waited. And in that waiting period, I …