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Debby Ryan: Disney Darling….Mario Nemesis?

Debby Ryan is the next  _______. Whether you fill in the blank with Miley, Demi, or Selena, the point is she’s Disney’s next “it” girl.

Anyway.  I went shoe shopping with the “Suite Life” star – and discovered she’s super… sweet (pun totally intended.)

So here’s the deal. I say the word “eeek” a lot. I even have a signature ‘eeek’ face that constitutes a slant of my lip in a way that would make my face look like the emoticon I use in chat, text and like every other tweet:


Sometimes, when something is really “eeek” worthy, it becomes a double eeek face where both sides of the mouth go down in opposite directions, essentially looking like an exaggerated sad/scared face.

However, calling it “exaggerated sad/scared face” is difficult and long. Thankfully, I had an epiphany while watching a different shoe shopping segment with the no-longer-airing “Glory Daze” actress Natalie Dreyfuss – turns out, I did this “exaggerated sad/scared face” on camera – and realized that I, indeed, looked like a… GOOMBA.

Now, if you’re an 80’s baby or a late-70’s baby or anyone that played NES/SNES, you know what a goomba is. For anyone who doesn’t? Well… here’s a photo.


So why is this relevant? How does this relate to Debby Ryan in any way? Um…. It t turns out, Debby and I BOTH make awkward faces that give props to the Nintendo enemy. Check it:


So aside from Debby just being cool because she’s the next  ________ (hopefully Selena), or because she compares shoes to boys, or anything fun like that, she’s cool because she appreciates the power of the Nintendo-inspired Goomba face.




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