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Debby Ryan: Disney Darling….Mario Nemesis?

Debby Ryan is the next  _______. Whether you fill in the blank with Miley, Demi, or Selena, the point is she’s Disney’s next “it” girl. Anyway.  I went shoe shopping with the “Suite Life” star – and discovered she’s super… sweet (pun totally intended.) So here’s the deal. I say the word “eeek” a lot. …

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Samia + Snooki = Slipper Sisters

So, I interviewed Snooki. Yes, THE Nicole Polizzi (Fun fact: people in her inner circle refer to her as “Nicole” – because well, when she’s out and about and the fans are screaming “Snooki”,  the important people can be differentiated. So stalkers/fans, take note…) I’ve never watched Jersey Shore…willingly, at least. I have a friend …