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Keri Hilson…Don’t Hate Her Cause She’s Beautiful

Pretty Girls Rock?

I interview a lot of people. Famous people, in fact (which, I’m assuming you know, since well…you’re reading this blog.)

And…I don’t get star struck. But every once in a while, I can become a little…“fan-like.” This usually happens whenever the person is from the 90’s, or related to music or basketball. Why? Because I grew up in the 90s, and it was during this period that I was obsessed with music and basketball, and well… anything from the formative years helps with nostalgia (Note: I still like those things, I just don’t read the Billboard charts daily or keep up on points/rebounds/assists like I used to.)

So now that I’ve given that disclaimer, I can write about my chat with Keri Hilson without holding back.

Most people first heard Keri Hilson on the Timbaland track “The Way I Are” (yes, I know that’s a grammatically incorrect phrase, but look… you can’t correct the hip-hop world. If you try, someone will call you out – perhaps in grammatically incorrect form – on a future track. It’s an uphill battle guys.)

Fast-forward four years, Keri has had a number of top 40 hits and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, she’s affected my life personally.

You see, in June 2009, there was a little song called “Knock You Down” featuring Kanye West and Ne-Yo that happened to be all the rage. And by “all the rage” I mean you could be driving in LA and at one point, have the same song playing on three different stations (yes I’m talking to you 97.1, 102.7, and 105.9… aka AMP, KIIS, and POWER106!)

I’m the kind of person that tried to make every song I listen to lyrically apply to my life in some sort of way, either past or present (you can imagine what this new Taylor Swift record’s got me feelin. I actually wrote the phrase “Dear John” on a John’s wall yesterday.)

Anyway, it just so happens that I felt “knocked down” or whatever and everything from the Caspers and NASA that Kanye was talking to the idea of being “shot out of the sky” as Ne-Yo put it seemed to be relatable.

So when I got to chattin’ with Keri, even though per-work orders I had to chat shoes and fashion (which in case you care: She thinks Louboutins hurt and are overrated, loves Velvet Angels, didn’t wear a designer pair of shoes til she was in the industry, and still will shop at Ross/Marshalls/Macys whatever)…. I had to obviously talk music and the effects of lyrics as well.

So now you’re probably wondering, “WTF- why did Samia waste my time giving that disclaimer about being a fan? That story doesn’t sound bad…” Well, um. You haven’t watched this next clip. Even though I may not have blatantly appeared “fan-like” or mobbed her, this video says something else…specifically, the goofy grin on my face THE ENTIRE VIDEO! :-/




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