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Why I Need a Daily Dose of Danny

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OK so it’s the end of 2010…and another year is upon us. What this means? (Well, aside from finding some crazy party to go to so that we can all take pictures and update our statuses about how great the night was…) It’s time for New Year’s resolutions.

And to be honest – I don’t have one for 2011. *Gasp!!*

You see, I kicked off 2010 excited about my New Years resolution. What was it? Well, as I explained it to many celebrities while doing the entertainment reporter thing back in January…

“In all things, non-sexual, just say yes.”

(The slight mention of the word “non-sexual” always generated  a laugh or chuckle or something like a smirk.) I figure, if I had a fun New Years resolution, they would too.

And well. Sometimes they did (as was the case with Community’s Danny Pudi aka “Abed” who said something about getting the H1N1 vaccine), and sometimes…they didn’t, and just chose to test my allegiance to my own (as was the case with Community’s Danny Pudi aka “Abed”).

I interviewed Abed while doing set visit to NBC’s “Community.” He told me all about his alter-ego Danny… a funny moment from college days at Marquette University (winning a basketball 3-pointer-shooting contest, taking off pants, humping the ground and getting free pizza), his original life plans (we’re talking weatherman or sportscaster…aka broadcasting. Obviously something for us to bond over, as I share that Will Ferrell, too, went to USC to study broadcasting before discovering this whole “comedy” thing), and about ethnic parents wanting him to pursue law (obviously I tell him about my mom’s desires for me to fly off to Pakistan and pursue medicine. Once again, we bond.)

Speaking of bonding, once I tell him about my New Years resolution, he asks me to drink his water (this is after he mentions to me that he needs to get the H1N1 vaccine.) Not wanting to disappoint, I drink it.

Yes, we share the same water bottle. I ingest his saliva/germs/cooties whatever you want to call it.

A few days later, we have another encounter, this time on a red carpet. And well, he challenges me yet again… and once again, it involves germs/cooties/bodily functions? Sort of. Just watch. (PS he also talks about his bromance with Joel McHale.)


Fast-forward to December 2010 – and well, I’m pretty sure there are at least a dozen non-sexual things this year that I said NO to. So in conclusion, I just need to take Danny Pudi with me wherever I go…. or just not make a New Year’s resolution.



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