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Raisins. The Bulldogs. An infamous Anne Heche discovery. And part of the “Parenthood” storyline.

Yes, these are all things related to my hometown of Fresno… a city that I love. Heck, I’ll rep it til I die (see proof). I refuse to change my cell phone area code, and still use my Fresno address for all forms I fill out (especially car insurance. It’s expensive in LA.)

Anyway. Usually when I tell people I’m from Fresno, I get some lame response like, “I’m sorry.” It’s like, OK fine, I get it, I have the same hometown as Kevin Federline…not the best claim to fame. However! In it’s defense, “Glee” star Chris Colfer is from there, and well, no one’s hatin’ on him. (And for anyone who is a basketball fan, we have DeShawn Stevenson, Bruce Bowen, and the Lopez twins. Football fan? Try Carson Palmer. Oh and if you’re old school? Our former mayor, Alan Autry, played Bubba on “In the Heat of the Night.”)

Recently I chatted with Ken Davitian from Borat (he was much more clothed when I talked to him). I was supposed to talk to him about shoes, but well, his name ended in “I-A-N” and as any well-educated Fresnan knows, that means… he’s Armenian. Thus, the Fresno talk began. He told me he loved Fresno girls (yes, this makes me awesome), that he has been kicked out of many a hotel off Blackstone, and that he appreciates our agricultural contribution (watch the clip above to see it yourself.)

Thanks, Ken, for not saying, “I’m sorry.”


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  1. Jeffrey Whitaker says:

    I found this video on the Beehive! Hey great video Samia. Keep doing your thing down in L.A. Be proud you are from Fresno which I’m sure you are :).

  2. Chris Colfer is from Clovis.

    1. Samia Khan says:

      It’s the same thing! (At least for the sake of this blog post.) Ex: Clovis West is actually in Fresno city limits.

  3. Nice job, Samia. You should have asked him why he closed the H&H Dip. So sad.

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