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It’s Hannah Time!! (Get it?!)

Before I continue…yes, the title of this blog post is a reference to an early-90’s, multi-hit-wonder-of-a-rapper who went bankrupt. Don’t judge me. Please continue reading…

How many Winter Olympians are you Facebook friends with?

OK now how many of those actually have a gold and silver medal?

Now whether I’m really friends with snowboarder Hannah Teter is up for debate (we’ve met twice and also witnessed her score a silver medal on Thursday in Women’s Halfpipe,) but one thing you can’t deny is our digital friendship (seriously, look at her list of friends as proof.)

Just ya know, hanging with an Olympian

So, as any friends would do, we had a conversation. Yes, a conversation,because well, friends don’t “interview” each other. As a result, we don’t talk about snowboarding. We don’t talk about the Olympics. And we don’t really talk about her charity. Instead? We talk about boys, food, music and well, ya know, things you’d talk about with your newly-formed BFF.


  • She loves her some surfers. Yep, this snow chick has a thing for the beach bums. Specifically? Her celeb crush is Kelly Slater.
  • If she wasn’t a snowboarder, she would be an environmentalist
  • What’s on her music radar? Well she just downloaded “Dominoes” by the Big Pink. (As we’re writing this post, we’re listening to her song recommendation. Team SKARVLOG approves, Hannah.)
  • If for some reason a situation arose and she could only eat one thing the rest of her life, it would be blueberries (wonder if blueberry pancakes/waffles/muffins count too?) She loves antioxidants?
  • If she had free time, she’d be sitting on a beach, in Hawaii, bronzing.
  • Her most embarrassing moment happened at the X Games. She was doing a victory lap in just her jersey (she had taken her jacket off) and then, she fell and “looked like an idiot.”
  • Her defining moment of success? Getting on the professional circuit, playing in the big leagues,winning at 15 (we’re guessing it beats geometry homework,)
  • Prefers cookies (vegan ones) to cupcakes.
  • She’s not a fan of football or basketball.
  • Prefers pouring her oh-so-delicious Hannah’s Gold (get yours now!) maple syrup on pancakes instead of waffles.
  • If she could compete in the summer Olympics, she’d either run or “jump over the thing.” We think that means vault. Or high jump.
  • And if for some reason she wasn’t an athlete, and happened to be a Mobile Explorer instead, her videos would feature powder runs up in Whistler and “just spray snow everywhere.” (SKARVLOG would, throw snowballs.)
  • Oh, and she thought we were funny, for drinking too much of her maple syrup.

So yeah. That’s what a 5-min-conversation with this new Facebook BFF is like.  I’m assuming the digital friendship moves forward with a poke or maybe a wall post. I’ll keep you posted.


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