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Not so Smiley Miley


I spent the early part of Saturday doing what all 13-year-old girls dream of – talking to Miley Cyrus.

She was it at the Grove, doing a book signing at Barnes and Noble.

There were a handful of media outlets there – and as Miley went down the line, one by one, I realized this after I concluded my few minutes with her: PR does a tween star good.

She did the rounds, being careful to not disclose any information that may “spark” a tabloid story. She never told anyone who her “Prince Charming” was (though many assume it’s ex-flame Nick Jonas,) told everyone how she was really excited to do the book and how she wants to do more, gushed about having such great fans, and so on and so forth.

Personal observations? Miley has a very laid-back attitude. Jokes around with her publicist. Carries herself as much older than 16 (granted, when you grow up in the public eye, how can you not? Oh – and not to mention having a 20-year-old boyfriend…) Has celebrity gone to her head? Perhaps, but – you can’t blame her. Even if you TRY to stay grounded in Hollywood, the fans/media give the girl so much attention, it’s probably hard not to get caught up in the whole buzz and really think you are well, the shit. Whether warranted or not, well… guess we’ll see if she’s super famous still in a few years, or  if a VH1 “Where are They Now?” special pops up instead (and hey, who knows, maybe I’ll be working on it.)

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