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Briefcase #9….

On Tuesday, I was producing a shoot up at some really distant home in the hills of Malibu, for country singer Trace Adkins latest music video, “Marry for Money”. (He suggests that everyone marry for money as an answer to the economic crisis.)

Anyway, while waiting around, I ended up at a table with this woman… who happens to be in the video. It turns out she’s briefcase #9 from NBC’s Deal or No Deal. Long story short, Briefcase #9 and I end up talking for many minutes (possibly even 60, which would make an hour,) and I get some random life advice.
Things I learned from this conversation? Her name is Patricia, she’s Greek, has lived in Chicago, NYC, and LA, she travels to Greece like every year (both her mom and sister live there now,) and she does more beyond just looking pretty carrying a briefcase in high heels. She’s executive producing shows and has been a tv correspondent for various outlets. Obviously since she had on-air hosting experience, I asked her for her take on life… in terms of like, when to follow career, when to focus on personal life, etc. She reassured me that focusing on my goals/dreams right now was the the right decision.
We also talked a lot about Greece, Bazookias (these all night shindigs common in Greece,) the food, the beauty, etc. OH! And Deal or No Deal facts! The heels are painful, so they often slip into slippers/flip flops in between taping (apparently when the show started out, they didnt do this, and therefore had to sometimes stand in those heels for 18 hours straight!) Also – apparently all the girls rush back stage to watch whenever they can! They, too, find the show uber-addicting.

All in all – an interesting/random experience.
FYI – my mom’s obsessed with Deal or No Deal, so she was the first person I called.

See Briefcase #9 Here!

Deal or No Deal's Patricia - aka - my friend for an hour
Deal or No Deal's Patricia - aka - my friend for an hour

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