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Hanging out with Russell Brand…

Russell Brand. 03.05.09. 1:15 PM.

I Love British Accents.

Needless to say, producing a shoot with British comic/actor/host/author Russell Brand was well, “lovely.”

Post-interview, I asked if he’d be in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, because well, he could totally pull off the whole pirate thing…and I’d heard rumors about him playing Johnny Depp’s brother. He said probably not, he’s busy with other stuff… which in turn, made me really sad. He asked why I was obsessed with Pirates and had to inform him about my like, 6-year love for Jack Sparrow. I even told him how I was a pirate for halloween one year, which of course led to other “rubbish” talk on the holiday that’s well, not appropriate for this blog.

Highlights of Marc’s interview with Russell Brand (which airs Friday on Hollywood 411, and more next week, by the way) include Russell opening the door for room service, speaking to the server in Spanish only to discover he’s from Bangladesh, and Russell discussing “shagging” like it was an Olympic sport or something. Let’s hope his Comedy Central special on Sunday night is just as funny.

FYI – The suites at the Chateau Marmont were rather “lovely” as well – granted, you had to take a “lift” to get to third floor with all the camera equipment, and the “lift” is super small… Eeek! If only those “bloody” walls could speak…

The actual rooms are interesting in that the style of the place is super old school, but yet the furniture and tvs are modern – an interesting blend. Check it out sometime.

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