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A Legendary Run-In with SuperModel Chrissy Teigen

“Hi…um, I follow you on Twitter, so it’s totally acceptable that I followed you into the bathroom, right?” The aforementioned quote? ALMOST actually stated, as a “pickup” line (on a girl, mind you)… So here’s the deal. I’m at the Hollywood Improv to check out a few friends (Jonny Loquasto and Grant Cotter) who are …

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Kathy Ireland: A “Model” Citizen?

Pretty people are stereotypically supposed to be bitchy – it’s just a fact of life. The prettier/hotter you are, the meaner society allows you to be. However, I recently encountered someone who threw this whole concept off, and now I’m questioning all ¬†of my life theories… The culprit? Supermodel Kathy Ireland. Um, with decades of …