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Crying a River over Justin Timberlake’s Marriage

It’s been a rough weekend for myself and many other 20-something women. And no guys, it has nothing to do with PMS.  It has to with…this: Yes. So many hearts broken, so many dreams shattered. But, as an optimist always believes, there’s an upside to every moment of sadness. In this case? An inspiration for …

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Samia + Snooki = Slipper Sisters

So, I interviewed Snooki. Yes, THE Nicole Polizzi (Fun fact: people in her inner circle refer to her as “Nicole” – because well, when she’s out and about and the fans are screaming “Snooki”,  the important people can be differentiated. So stalkers/fans, take note…) I’ve never watched Jersey Shore…willingly, at least. I have a friend …

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Snoop D-O-Double-G “Shoot-izzle”

Snoop film’s his MTV variety show, “Dogg After Dark,” on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Kress in Hollywood. Megan and I were there on Wednesday, waiting to interview him for Hollywood 411. In the hour we waited, the one thing we most noticed were the scantily-clad extras…. SO Hollywood. By that I mean… I guarantee at …