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Wuz Up Wor..err, uh…Britney?!

Reasons to support your friend’ endeavors:

1. You have talented friends who are entertaining (legitimately entertaining… like, when they post videos on YouTube, a million people watch kind of entertaining)

2. You’ll meet new people (well, if you go out of your way to have a conversation with a stranger, you’ll meet new people. MAYBE even make a new Facebook friend or Twitter follower.)

3. You’ll spot Britney Spears, in an unphotographable state (we’re talking little make-up, bags under the eyes, straight confusion. More on that later…just keep reading.)

OK so here’s the deal. I went to the kickoff of the YouTube Digitour last night – you know the show where YouTube’s “hottest” musicians (that haven’t signed a deal like Bieber yet) showcase their skills in front of a live audience – NOT just on a computer screen?

My friend DeStorm (who I spent a month with in Vancouver when competing against him in that whole Samsung Mobile Explorer video competition thing at the Olympics last year) is big on YouTube (like almost a million subscribers kind of a big) and he’s on the tour with a whole bunch of other acts whose names I cannot remember because well, in my opinion, the highlight of the show was DeStorm.

Storm on Stage
Freddie. WordPress wont let me rotate photo. 🙁

So he killed it on-stage with the help of DJ Shammy Dee (who oddly enough, I met at Nordstroms like 2 weeks before. You’d think there’d be more DJs in this town?), Freddie Wong on guitar (Also an Olympics friend I competed against- YouTube him – he goes by FreddieW – videos are blowin’ up – pun intended), and this drummer Ricky Ficarelli (who I’ve never met but, after watching, I fell in love with because he reminded me of the Justin Bieber “Never Say Never” movie.)

Anyway. As the night progressed and I had concluded that DeStorm’s act was the highlight of the night, someone decides to come in and STEAL his thunder. She’s not even a YouTuber, and yet, she becomes the talk of the night. And guess what? You CAN Hold it Against Her…

Britney, Britney, Britney. You show up w/boyfriend Jason Trawick in a white Mercedes SUV (G-class… shout-outs to Fahad/Les for the heads up), sit upstairs at the El Rey Theater – close enough to the edge of the rail that anyone looking up specifically for you can at least make out that it’s you (which of course, friends Jessica, Tova, and I did), and watch the YouTube DigiTour show (or well, you watched some of it. I’m pretty sure as we were secretly staring at you guys, we saw you get into Jason’s lap and start making out with him. PS I approve. Big upgrade from fellow-Fresnan KFed.)

Anyway. We continue to watch Britney, and make a plan to dart to the bathroom the minute we see her get up (we’re secretly still 13-year-old girls that love “Baby One More Time.”) Eventually, we see her get up, so…we dart. But – we dart the wrong way? Turns out, Britney wasn’t looking for a bathroom — she was looking for the “Employees Only” room!! (OK she wasnt really, she was looking for a bathroom, but she walked into that room instead. The room that led to the merchandise room.) I notice this, walk over, watch as Britney hides in a corner, we make eye contact (which btw, her eyes looked totally out of it. No make-up, bags under the eyes, sad. I miss 2001 Britney.) I run to alert the friends, and we continue on Britney watch, assuming she’s gone back upstairs.

Turns out – from what we observed – she didn’t. So now, we were on Jason Trawick watch. I got bored, so I went outside to see if paparazzi were waiting, and they were …right next to the car she arrived in. I went back inside. Continued to watch Jason. Then, we see Jason leave the upstairs area so, once again, we dart!

Paps want a Piece of Her

Jason comes downstairs goes into Employees Only room, stays there for a minute, and comes out – back upstairs he goes. At this point, it’s confirmed Brit is still in that room – so we go to “look at merchandise” and we see a secret back door that has a “secret bathroom” – (which means Brit wasn’t delirious when she first entered the “Employees Only” room, she was actually on point.) We continue to look at merch (while secretly hoping to see Brit) and then a friend taps us on the shoulder to let us know we JUST missed her! WTF?!

Apparently, she and security had walked all nonchalantly through the show floor during the final set (featuring YouTuber DaveDays, apparently the biggest musician on YouTube) and exited through this side door next to the stage – WTF! Brit, you’re supposed to exit through the front where Paps are waiting, so that all of our stalking could have paid off!

Alas. Our stalking efforts failed – sort of (I mean, at least we made eye contact?) Until the next DigiTour…

PS In case you’re wondering why Brit was there in the first place…her boyfriend…Jason Trawick…he’s an agent at William Morris Endeavor. DaveDays = biggest thing on YouTube. Biggest thing on YouTube = $$$. William Morris Endeavor likes $$$$ (Do the math.)

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  1. b reddy says:

    the redesign is sick ! def fits in wit the SK vibe 🙂 … also i cant believe i forgot ur friends wit freddie wong. i need to be introduced asap.


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