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Pretty Girl Swag?

Soulja Boy likes swag. Like…a lot. The last time we chatted, we talked about his song “Turn My Swag On.” At the time, I didn’t really know what swag was, or well, if I had it.

Fast forward 13 months to June 2010 and well…he still has swag. In fact, he has “Pretty Boy Swag,” the kind you sing/rap about because you live in a baller house in the hills (one that happens to have an indoor swimming pool and pretty girls abound).

Swagga Boy

Anyway. As I watched Mr. Tell-Em turn on his pretty boy swag while shooting his latest video, I realized I wanted swag too… so, I had an idea: why not ask him?

Obviously, he was busy tending to the ladies, so I just waited, and hung out with my friend Ja-Bar instead.

JBAR aka Ja-Bar

Speaking of… Meet Ja-Bar. Formerly JBAR (as he still calls himself on twitter), he’s a hip-hop artist, part of Soulja Boy’s SODMG crew, and my Twitter friend for 13 months now. Oh, and he has a single out right now called “Daze” (and yes, I encourage you all to request it on BET, MTV, VH1, and radio.) We met last year when I interviewed Soulja Boy about the aforementioned swag.

However, after all these months of friendship, dozens of @replies (yes @replies totally build a relationship) and what not, I did NOT know JBAR’s real name. For some reason, part of me assumed he was born with the name JBAR.

Discovery? His name is Justin Benjamin Alex Rutger – JBAR. Conclusion? All Justin’s do great things. Yes, we discuss this. You have Timberlake. Bieber. And JBAR. Spelling it like Ja-Bar? Just makes it easier to pronounce (i.e. so you don’t call him Jay-Bar.)

JBARsodmg, SKsodmg, ANTONIOsodmg (side note: the boys hands touched in this photo. They said ‘no homo.’)

Anyway. I tell Ja-bar about how I want to be in a music video. He tells me that he’s shooting one with Sean Kingston in a few weeks called “Ask Me Twice.” I asked him twice if I could be in it. He hasn’t really given me an answer. Yes I’m trying to be in a music video once before I die. And no, I’m not embarrassed to admit this. (More on my quest in a followup post.)

Anyway. Soulja Boy finally leaves his video vixens to come kick it and well, uStream. Finally. My moment to shine… in front of thousands of live viewers. Eeek. Watch our USTREAM! (FYI: Soulja Boy appears about a minute in.)

[youtube id=”p2zDPztCJkk” width=”600″ height=”350″]

So yeah, there you have it. I have pretty girl swag.

And since this is a hip-hop post, shout outs are in order. Shout outs to Victor the uStream photographer, Antonio of the SODMG crew, Mark Bridges from Interscope, Kush, James from 102.7 and the music video girls for entertaining me during this set visit.  Oh ya, also blogger Chuck McCarthy, for his video feature on the set visit… which happens to have me dancing at 1:55 in. Check it out if you’d like.

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