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Most Amazing Run-In Eva?

A comic, a journalist,  a professional basketball player, and a “Housewife” all walk into a comedy club….

The journalist says to the comic, “I love the Spurs! I have to talk to Tony.”

The comic says to the journalist, “OK, go take a picture.”

The housewife says to the comic taking a photo with the journalist’s iPhone, “iPhone’s suck! They have no flash!”

The journalist says to the housewife, “I used to stuff your press kits in 2004!”

The basketball player stays silent.

The housewife says to the comic, “You were SO funny! I want a picture with you!”

OK okay…as you can see, this “joke” format isn’t going anywhere (clearly, I’m not the comic.) However that aforementioned last line? Not a punchline. An actual FACT.

Let me spell out the players in this scene:

Housewife: Eva Longoria. Actress. ABC’s “Desperate Housewives.”

Basketball player: Tony Parker. San Antonio Spurs.

Comic: Rajiv Satyal. AKA. Funny Indian.

Journalist: Yours truly, Samia Khan.

Ok so maybe my attempt at a “joke” failed when describing this story, so I’ll just keep it real and spell it out.

I stopped by the Laugh Factory on Sunset recently to go say hi to my friend, FI (his name is actually Rajiv Satyal. But his website is I like to abbreviate. He is now ‘FI.’)

Lesson 1: being a good friend is a rewarding. What I mean, do you ask? Well…had I not stopped in to say hi, this interaction would have never happened, and thus, I would have nothing to blog about.

Anyway. Eva Longoria is just like…there. Hanging out. Just another Tuesday? Maybe. Or maybe she wanted to support her comedian friend Eric Rivera. (Whatever. I like to believe that me and Eva hang out at the same places. It’s why I frequented her restaurant Beso once.)

Next, she tells a group of friends, “I have to go get my husband” and she walks inside.

Wait, did she say husband?! OK for those of you lacking both pop culture or sports knowledge, Eva Longoria is married to NBA player Tony Parker. He plays for the Spurs.

Note: I love this game. As Kanye says, its “Amazing.” (Yes, I’m talking about basketball.) Anyway, I’m legitimately  a Spurs fan (I’m sure some Laker fan is gonna tell me they’re boring and I need to find another team to support) and I wanted to tell Tony this. So, I do.

(Note: I’m a Spurs fan because Bruce Bowen played for that team, and he went to my high school, Edison High – Fresno, CA. My friend Mo also works for them in the video department.)

I tell Tony that I’m a fan and that I’d like a picture. He says thanks or something like that, and we pose for the iPhoto.  Eva is watching, and tells me and FI that the iPhone sucks because it has no flash for photos (Blackberry users, please don’t start.) Not gonna lie, the photo turned out crappy. Luckily…I carry two digital cameras at all times (blame the blogger in me.)

Me and TP

After the photo, Eva turns to FI, who had just done a set. She tells him he’s SO funny, that she wants a picture together, and yes… they pose. Then….FI takes it further. He tells Eva that he’s always wanted to take a photo with a hot chick who’s trying to talk to him as he’s busy on the phone… Eva complies. (If only all his interactions with women were that easy.)

Funny Texan. Funny Indian.
“Can’t you see I’m busy, Eva?”

Fun fact: I used to stuff Eva Longoria’s press kits in 2004 when I was intern for entertainment PR firm Warren Cowan and Associates, under publicist Liza Anderson. Obviously, I tell her this. She makes some jokes about how there must have been hardly any clippings etc (yes, she’s super personable. Super humble. Super fun. All the while, Tony is kinda laying low.)

Conclusion? Eva desperately likes to talk. Tony…probably does, but it’s more of a spur of the moment thing.


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