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Jokes on…Jokoy?

Jokoy. Filipino comic, who you may know from the Laugh Factory (where I first saw him back in like 2005,) or more recently on a national scale as a frequent panelist on Chelsea Lately’s roundtable.

Anyway. Why I’m writing a “Khanversation” piece on him is kinda funny/random, so obviously background is needed.

A friend of mine has season passes to the Clippers…granted, they’re not the hottest seats in the house, but! Who is really gonna say no to free tickets? So I get the tix, take my friend Will, and go to the game on Monday November 23rd. Once we sit down, we realize that it’s difficult to enjoy the game from super far away, so…we decide to make a game outta trying to score better seats. We have a few run-ins with security (who doesn’t these days?) and eventually sneak past one and get CENTER COURT seats, about 20 rows up. Amazing, right?! Close enough to see players, elevated enough to see the whole court. Baller. (Pun definitely intended.)

OK so onto what warrants a “Khanversation” blog post. As you know, I’m a heavy tweeter, and well, decided to search “Clippers” to see who else was at this game and updating. I start scrolling and whose name do I see? Jokoy! Who has posted the following:

Naturally, after looking at the photo he posted, I @reply him, and say:

THEN…He responds with:

To which I respond….

He eventually turns around, we make eye contact, he waves! It was great.

And… it doesn’t stop there!

Post game, Jokoy must walk near our section to exit. Will and I wait because…well, I’m hoping a conversation will ensue that will be blog-worthy( ok so the secret’s out…sometimes I just do things so I can write about it.)

I wanted to tell Jokoy that I have a red shirt with an image of his son (Buy yours here!) that I got from his DVD release party back in May (before I was given the shirt, someone asked me if I was friends with Jo…naturally, I said yes. I wanted a shirt.) But, before I could get to that, he comes up to me, says something along the lines of “Heyy! So good to see you, so random!” and gives me a hug.

Conclusion? He probably read my Twitter bio, and assumes we go WAY back. So at this point, I improv the situation, talk basketball, say something to the extent of “Who knew a Clippers game could be this exciting, usually I just want to leave by 3rd quarter, but man! What a game!” to which he agrees. We small talk some more, and then eventually part ways… but not before Jo uses the cliche celebrity line that I mentioned in my previous post… yes, THAT one.

“So good to see you!”

Eeek. :-/

Anyway…We hug again, and did I mention he even gave my friend Will (the one wearing a suit) a hug too? Granted Will works at CAA, and Jo is repped by CAA, so that may actually make more sense than the hug he gave me… but whatever.

In conclusion… I sorta pulled a fast one on a comedian… isn’t that his job?

Oh and I discovered proof that we actually sorta go way back? I found pictures of my back on his website, from that DVD release party where I got that red shirt that I now wear regularly to sleep. See below.

That’s me (my back) on the right, in the multi-colored shirt!


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