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When Heidi Klum Throws a Party…

…She has LG foot the bill.

At least that was the case on Tuesday April 28th… as LG and Heidi teamed up to launch their Klum-backed “Rumor 2” cell phone.

I covered the party for TV Guide…held at the Andaz Hotel on Sunset. The last time I was there for a party, there were Ed Hardy brand bottles of water. This time? Something fancy in a glass bottle.

Celebrity observations? Heidi Klum’s rock of a wedding ring…enormous. Beautiful. Shiny. She doesn’t look pregnant. But she is. She hasn’t straight up said it, but Seal confirmed it someone recently, and Project Runway star Christian Siriano confirmed it for me that night (FYI, he’s doing a line of maternity wear, and of course, has given some threads to the woman he refers to as “Tranny Klum.”)
Christina Aguilera… total star power. You know you’re famous when you can walk by all the tv/print media, and no one dares to even ask a question for fear that you’ll snap at them for even having the audacity to try.
Vanessa Hudgens. Famous for being Mrs. Zac Efron. Pretty. Arrived with HSM bestie Ashley Tisdale.
Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy. Yes, they did press. Surprising for a celebrity couple. Though to be honest, think their star power doubled once they started dating. America is fascinated with celebrity relationships. And well, their relationship is interesting. They seem to totally be in sync. In a weird way. In a Taco-Bell-feeding sorta way.
Twilight’s Peter Facinelli? Adorable. He even suggested he’d hang out with Twilight fans camping outside the set in Vancouver, and make smores with them.
Bachelor/Hollywood 411’s host…Chris Harrison at the party?! Definitely the highlight of my night.

Since the theme of the night was a “Rumorous Night,” the theme of my piece was… what else? Rumors. Though not everything made the TV cut, here are the highlights:

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  1. thanks for the great celebrity insights

  2. Molly says:

    I’m so glad you post these video clips on your blog because it’s so fun to watch your celeb interviews! You are such a natural. Can’t wait to see you on E! soon. 🙂

    1. samiakhan says:

      Haha, aww. Thanks Molly. Though I have to make a correction… someday it’ll be a morning show (Fox & Friends, American Morning, KTLA Morning Show?) and… it’ll be David DeFrank as the interviewee… 🙂

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