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Arjun Gupta: My Favorite “Nurse”

  June 2007. Los Angeles. NYU actor and USC broadcast journalist meet. They dine together. Smoke hookah. Shop on Melrose. Try Pinkberry. Have deep conversation. March 2010. Los Angeles/New York. Actor is a series regular on Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie.” Broadcast Journalist is figuring out the next move, meanwhile maintaining a blog called Khanversations. The two …

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A Band You SHOULD be Listening To….

…If you don’t already. Their name? Chester French. I was introduced to the band a few years ago, thanks to one of my high school favorites, Chuka Ugwu-Oju. Max Drummey, half of the Chester French duo, is Chuka’s friend. It was actually Max who kept me entertained while I was out in Massachusetts interviewing for …