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Hello Internet. I know, I know. It’s been more than two years since I’ve posted. But in my defense, anyone looking to stalk me or find out anything about has many avenues OTHER than my website to do so (Facebook, Twitter, my OTHER Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, specifically.)

Today marks 23 months in Phoenix. Yes, I count months as if my time here is equivalent to having a baby/raising a toddler. In some ways, the experience has been similar.

  • You move away from the place you call home, and you don’t get to see friends nearly as much (new mom = end of social life as you know it.)
  • Everyone’s first question is always “how’s Phoenix?” (I assume moms only get asked about their babies post-childbirth.)
  • Everyone wants to know what your next move is (or in a mother’s case, when are you going to have another child?!)
  • You didn’t realize what kind of lifestyle changes you’d have to make until you experienced it first hand – in my case, the heat (I don’t spend time outdoors between May and August. Mom’s have to factor things in like carseats, highchairs, baby crying on flights, etc. LIFESTYLE CHANGES.)
  • As hard as it can be, you don’t regret it. In fact, it changes you – likely for the better.


  • Interviewing Sen. John McCain and discussing his love for social media
  • Interviewing Sheriff Joe Arpaio and learning he still uses a flip phone
  • Being roasted by Jeff Ross at the Tempe Improv
  • Telling Bob Saget that Danny Tanner raised me
  • Actor Sean Astin giving my LOTR-loving nephew a video shoutout
  • Covering Muhammad Ali’s death and his funeral coverage and providing insight on religious customs from an experienced¬†perspective
  • Breaking news of Prince’s death before the cable outlets
  • Anchoring some of the most-viewed Facebook livestreams
  • Attending a Donald Trump rally and getting a positive reaction from Trump supporters
  • Seeing Bill Clinton speak and fulfilling childhood SK’s dream
  • Interviewing and holding a baby bear cub
  • Discovering Flagstaff and the natural beauty of Arizona
  • Attending my first NFL game – which happened to be one of the most historic
  • Interviewing Dr. Oz about social media’s affect on psychology (basically, instacurity)
  • Chatting with Devin Booker about NBA All-Star Weekend (well, specifically, Devin Booker stealing my winter hat to keep himself warm in Toronto)

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