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New Year. New Site.

Guys. I consolidated two of my websites and made them one. Khansolidated? Ugh. I really need to stop incorporating my name into every word possible. I just come off as totally Khanceited (sorry, I couldn’t help it.)

Anyway, prior to today, was a blog site (granted, I hadn’t updated much in the last year, but that’s because my focus was on #Instacurity, which, by the way, if you haven’t checked out for whatever reason, please do.)

I also had a separate personal website using the domain “,” though I didn’t publicize it much because well, honestly, .tv’s were never a good look (they’re perhaps a step above .net’s.)

As of 2014, will be my personal site. Yes, there will still be a blog (which I intend to update regularly because well, you can’t call yourself a writer if you don’t write things), but there’s also elements such as my bio, demo reels, clips, a “latest news” section… you know, stuff that “industry” people need to find so that I get more career opportunities, and in turn, increase my Twitter¬†and Instagram following. Ahem, I meant “and in turn, use my power for good” (or whatever Spiderman’s uncle said.)


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