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Beatboxing Champ MC Zani on How to…Beat A Box?

So to continue this vlog series…I’d like to introduce you to Dean Hosenie, better known by Google as MC Zani (yes, he’s easier to find under that moniker.)

Zani is a 24-year-old beatboxing champ from the UK, who I just so happened to meet because he’s on tour with Jay Sean (see previous vlog.) And as someone who is always impressed with those who are musically-inclined, I had to get some advice while hanging out on the tourbus….

Specifically, tips on how to beatbox. So for anyone who has ever wanted to learn the basics, this next video should pique your interests. And even if you have no interest in beatboxing, you should watch anyway (who doesn’t love listening to a British accent?)

PS shoutout to DJ Biks and Jay Sean for their brief appearance.

[youtube id=”qj8taI4mL-g” width=”600″ height=”350″]



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