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Samia “Getz” the Reality of Bachelor Life

What happens when you go inside the bedroom of a Bachelor(ette)? A party ensues. Bachelor Pad winner Natalie Getz is the kind of girl that you’d want at your Bachelorette Party – fun, loud, energetic, single, fashionable. This wasn’t a normal closet visit – this one involved beverages and dancing and all sorts of things you only expect at Las Palmas night club. We bonded over our mutual former co-worker – (shout-outs to Chris Harrison), mutual fashion/social elite friend (shout-out to Dee Murthy), and the fact that she had a stuffed bear on her bed (he was adorable.) She had me try on her shoes. We danced in front of a mirror. We gossiped. Discussed our love for the fashionably affordable Michael Antonio footwear. And then…we parted ways. Another day on the job, another 1-hour-friendship to blog about.


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