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“My Love,” in Person. Justin Timberlake on Jimmy Kimmel.

So I didn’t really publicly talk about it for fear it wouldn’t happen, but thankfully my fears have been alleviated. So now I can “eeek.”

Eeeeeek! I was part the of studio audience during Justin Timberlake’s Jimmy Kimmel taping this evening. It was… magical?

I don’t get starstruck. I mean in my industry, you really can’t…. it’d just be awkward. But the one person that can do this to me is JT.

Seriously, the inner 13-year-old girl in me reveals herself whenever anything Justin is mentioned. So when Justin was introduced to the stage and started doing a little dance number, you can imagine the pace my heart was fluttering.

Justin…oh-so-stylish, rocked the glasses (so attractive, I must say,) chatted with Kimmel about his courtside makeout sesh with Jessica Biel (“I will not be outdone,” were his exact words,) and then went to a separate room for a virtual golf challenge… taking a few lucky fans to be part of that audience.

Me and my equally-JT-obsessed-friend Varun were part of that “lucky” group.

Being 5-10 feet away from Justin? Kinda cool. I didn’t say anything to him. To be honest… I wouldn’t have wanted to, not in this sort of environment at least.

It was nice being directly behind him for a good 10 minutes of golf playing… not gonna lie, his jeans were hot..and well… let’s just say he defines “Sexy Back.”



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  1. Sonya J says:

    ahahahahahaa oh my god! I remember your 13 year old days and i have to say i am SO happy for you!!

  2. Varun says:

    EEK! Samia Khan mentioned me in her blog. 🙂

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