Hi friends!

So my 20-something birthday is coming up on Weds Apr 4, and I wasn’t really planning to do anything to celebrate unless there was some gimmick involved. Thankfully, I have a gimmicky/genius comedian friend named Rajiv Satyal (who I refer to as FI, funnyindian.com) who said to me one night, “You like people talking about you…Why don’t we do a roast?” and so the idea began to brew (in case you don’t know what a roast is, it’s when you basically get bashed and ridiculed and people are mean to you. Don’t ask why this intrigues me, my mother says my personality is one that would likely be in an abusive relationship, so maybe that is why.)

The result? A handful of my talented comedian friends will partake in putting on a standup comedy show/roast and YOU’RE INVITED! It’ll be a normal bday party too in a private room with music, a restaurant/bar etc for everyone to eat/drink/be merry, but also with a stage show element to it. A gimmick, I guess.

Details below – please let me know if you can make it (yes, you can bring guests/friends), would love for you to be there to watch as my ego gets destroyed.


WHEN: Sunday April 8th, 8pm- midnight (Roast will be between 9ish and 10ish…whatever “ish” means)

WHERE: Red Rock Bar & Eatery, upstairs private room. 8782 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood (lots of free street parking on Sundays, fyi)


Hope to see you then 🙂

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