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Kathy Ireland: A “Model” Citizen?

Pretty people are stereotypically supposed to be bitchy – it’s just a fact of life. The prettier/hotter you are, the meaner society allows you to be.

However, I recently encountered someone who threw this whole concept off, and now I’m questioning all  of my life theories…

The culprit? Supermodel Kathy Ireland. Um, with decades of modeling and a multi-million dollar branding company (not to mention she’s super pretty, even at 48), you’d think she’d have “diva” on lock. However, she was absurdly nice. Every question got an answer. She went out of her way to say it was nice to meet ME! (Aren’t I supposed to say that post-interview?! The non-supermodel asking the questions?)

Ugh. As you can see, I’m very distraught by all of this. If supermodel-level pretty people are nice, what are the less attractive going to do for leverage?!?! Seriously, what if she was pretty AND nice AND funny?! You just can’t have all the qualities in one, God’s gotta test ya somehow, right?

So…in conclusion…Kathy, you’re super awesome and all but, um, watch out. Something bad is bound to happen. It’s only fair.



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