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OMFG: Olivia Munn’s Attack of the…Lie?

Dear Olivia Munn,

Why did you lie to me? What did I ever do to you?



Ah, if only I could send her that letter. Perhaps an @reply would work? Then again, she may not even remember what I’m talking about.

I get it.  She’s a big deal.  She hosts a show on G4. She has a cameo in Iron Man 2. She’s keeping busy with an NBC pilot.

But tell me this… Why, after a 20 minute girl-to-girl conversation that touched upon everything from video games to relationships to our nails , did she say (don’t quote me) “Hey you should follow me and I’ll follow you and then we can DM and stuff!” (FYI for those outta the Twitter game – to be followed is a big deal. Olivia has like… 131,000 followers. I have… 658, and counting.  Oh, and DM means to “direct message,” meaning…we could basically talk to eachother privately.)

I waited three months after our meeting at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena to write this post. Why? Because I wanted to give Miss Munn the benefit of the doubt. Surely, she would randomly remember our conversation and how we had matching nail polish, and then be like, “Oh yes, I should follow SamiaKhan as I promised!” OK maybe I really didn’t think that she’d have an epiphany like that, but whatever. I like to think optimistically.

Alas, Miss Munn and I are not friends (yet.) But, you and I? (You being the reader…) We’re totally friends. And as my friend, I guess I’ll turn to you and reminisce about my moment with Olivia Munn.

Stop it. A kiss won’t heal the pain. :-/

–       First, she complimented my outfit. Clearly, a sign of friendship, right? We chat about how I’m not your average print entertainment journalist (in other words, I don’t look like the stereotype of a person who loves nerd/geek culture .) She then tells me not to go there, because well, that’s her fan base.
–       Speaking of fan base….(generally the Comic-Con goer) she goes against the stereotype and says they’re not all the geeky, nerdy science guys. She says her fans are socially-able, that they’re normal guys that are very protective of her (they’ll go online to defend her honor if anyone says anything negative. Naturally, I’m expecting at least one fan to contact me regarding this post.)
–       G4 is not just a front. She totally played video games growing up, though she had to share because there were five kids, and only one Gameboy. (Her strategy? Turn the volume of the Gameboy down, so that no one could hear her die… thus, multiple rounds for her)
–       Recently (perhaps because of who she had previously been romantically-linked to), there’s been a lot of attention on Miss Munn. Her take? “I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m surprised by any of it, I understand it’s the business that I’m in, if I was shocked by it, I’m in the wrong business, but I’m uh, I think that uh, its just hard – life enough is hard enough, life is hard enough without other people telling you what they think about your life.” (PS Vague responses are key in Hollywood when it comes to personal life.)
–       OK so because I have an understanding that she doesn’t wanna talk about her personal life, I relate a story to her. Basically, whatever you’re a part of, whether it be a job or social scene, is just an adult version of high school – everyone knows (or thinks they know) everyone’s business. And EVERYONE likes to gossip. So being in entertainment, the whole world are sorta your classmates. It’s the way I view the Pakistani/Indian scene (everyone’s a couple degrees of separation, you can find out info on anyone, they gossip, and well, it’s not fun.)
–       As for whether you’ll see her on Dancing with the Stars? Ha. No. She’s not a fan of reality TV (aside from “Intervention” and “Hoarders.”) She’d rather hustle to maintain her success….
–       Speaking of hustle, since she mentions the word, I HAD to ask… “You mention hustling… do you like Jay Z, cause he’s the ultimate hustler” to which she responds, “ Jay-Z!??! I f—ing LOVE Jay-Z!!”  She then throws in that she loves Tina Fey as well  (who she worked with on the movie, “Date Night”) and that she wants to be just like her.

Eventually, the interview part of the conversation wraps, and we continue chatting just girl-to-girl. She asks me where I live, and I tell her… she then tells me she just bought a new house off Barham, near the Hollywood sign.  (Clearly, we’re at BFF status now.) Then…we talk about nails because, well as she points out, we’re kinda matching. She then tells me to follow her on Twitter, and that she would follow me so we could DM. However, if you check out my list of Twitter followers, you will see… OliviaMunn? Not on that list :-/

We even had matching nails. I thought that would have sealed the deal.



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  1. David says:

    Tag @aots and tweet something about this while they’re recording AOTS. I watch it daily and they will sometimes go to their “twitter wall” they call it and read some tweets with that tag. Then she’ll have to respond.

    1. Samia Khan says:


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