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Bad Bad Bad Bad Girl, You Make Me Feel so Gooood

Yes, I just altered the lyrics to Mase’s “Feel so Good” so that I could come up with a title for this blog post.

To be real though…I tried out for the Bad Girls Club, sort of (please don’t tell my mom.)

You know that reality show on Oxygen, where are the girls are crazy? (Ok maybe that isn’t specific enough since according to most guys, all girls are crazy.) Well, I met one. Specifically, Natalie Nunn, who, after I googled, I realized had some sorta controversy with my boy Chris Brown (again, please don’t tell my mom.)

Anyway, I figured if you’re gonna meet a “bad girl,” you might as well learn the ropes, and see if you have what it takes. Verdict? Uhhh… you decide.


Eeeek!! At least we have “attending USC” in common?


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