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Do You Remember….My Night w/Jay Sean?

He’ll take you to a private getaway

OK so let’s cut the BS. You know it, I know it, we all know it. I just haven’t well, addressed “it.”

I’m brown. South Asian. From the Indian “subcontinent.” Rather, my parents are from there. Mom raised in Pakistan, dad raised in India. One arranged marriage and 30-something years later, their 24-year-old daughter is blogging about her adventures and interactions with the so-called celebrity (which I doubt they’re happy about. Mom’s latest speech? How I should go to med school in Pakistan…because then guys will want to marry me.)

Anyway, why I need to mention this racial issue? Well, because this is the first post that I’m devoting to my “people.” Or rather, a famous person who so happens to be “brown” too.  (Side note: everyone kinda knows everyone else in this brown Hollywood scene. So while I could have brought you blog posts about various Indian actors, comedians, and maybe even a tv doctor, I’ve held out until now.)

I recently attended the Five Four/Jay Sean CD release party. Before I continue, shout out to the guys at Five Four ClothingAndres, Dee, Anand (who I’ve definitely mentioned in previous posts,) and J Dubb… great guys, even greater clothes? (Wow, that sounds so cliché.) I’m sure I’ll blog about them again… but for now, let’s get back to Jay (wait…does Mr. Z have rights to the name “Jay?” Or maybe Mr. Leno?  Eeek. I’ll use full names to play it safe.)

Overall observation? Jay Sean is super down to earth. I mean sure, I’d heard it from the guys, but I didn’t understand it til I sat down with him myself.  I was going to share the video but it’s dark/the audio is crap, so I’ve transcribed it for you instead. Enjoy!

SK: Five Four’s been repping you hardcore!

JS: They’re amazing, and really nice guys…

SK: This is Five Four, right (I point to his shiny jacket that totally looks Five Four)

JS: It isn’t! But the jeans are.

(Rejected! It’s ok though, his British accent is adorable so I overlook the fact that I was wrong.)

SK: Congratulations by the way, the #1 single in the US… kind of a big deal.

(I’m referring to “Down” featuring Lil Wayne. Don’t act like you’re too cool for mainstream and haven’t heard it. Because you have. And, admit it… you’re “down” too.)

JS: I know! I don’t know how to describe the feeling, it’s very surreal cause you cant comprehend how big that is. I’m just over the moon, you know, just really, really over the moon and I think…very humbled by it. Cause its no joke when you get there and you really have to count your blessings. I’m very extremely blessed.

(He takes a break, sips on some water. He probably wishes he was sipping something else. We’ll get to that later…)

SK: What was it like, being approached by Cash Money?

JS: I just thought to myself, “This is incredible, I’m thousands of miles away from these guys, they have the biggest artist in the world right now signed to their label (Lil Wayne)… and they’re looking at me…like, this is amazing,” like you know, it was extremely flattering.

SK: So what’s the goal, the end all be all for Jay Sean. Sure you’ve been huge in Britain…

JS: For me I want to be up there in arenas, playing stadiums, getting up there to the level that Justin’s at and those greats….

(The very mention of Justin Timberlake makes me squeal inside. Obviously I insert a fact I know as soon as this is mentioned.)

SK: You just performed with him, right? In Vegas?

JS: Yeah, that was incredible. I’m a huge fan of Justin’s, so for him to pick me, handpick me out of all the artists in the world, and say “You, I want you to perform with me, as a part of my bill,” that was crazy.

SK: Did you get tips from him?

JS: Mmmhm. More than anything he just told me like, “Dude I really like you because you’re very grounded and…just don’t let that change you.” There aren’t many artists with a number one record that can say that and I really appreciate that cause I’ve always believed in that, I’ve always believed that just because you’re successful, just because you’re a celebrity, you don’t have to be a jerk, you can still be a nice guy – so for me, it was just nice to hear that from Justin.

SK: Alright now before we go…We’re here at your CD release party…for people who aren’t lucky enough to be here, what’s partying with Jay Sean like?

(Naturally he’s thrown off by this question, he smirks, and chuckles a little, then begins to answer)

JS: You know what? Normally, normally, normally (I have no idea why he said “normally” three times) when I don’t have to sing early in the morning like I do tomorrow, I wile out and…and I like to have fun, I like to have a little bit of a drink (he says the word “drink” in a more exaggerated British accent… it’s kinda cute.)

SK: What’s your drink of choice?

JS: Vodka, vodka soda. And ya know I really like to enjoy myself when I’m in a club cause that’s where I can really switch off, ya know, and hang out so normally I go hard…

SK: OK so I think there’s a table upstairs waiting for you, so I’ll let you go to that…it was so nice talking with ya.

Then we hugged and parted ways. Only to reunite upstairs in the club part of H.Wood. See photos below.

Oh and coming soon! The Jay Sean/Five Four clothing collaboration! I already own the scarf, but I hear there’s more to come in the Spring.

That’s water in his hand

Mr. Greatest Ever in the building (Drake.)
Just give him a light? Sean Paul.






















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  1. I agree he’s a pretty cool guy, but I never liked the music he made… including Down. Cool that you got to interview him though.

  2. Miley is such a amazing artist. I have all of her albums.

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