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VIDEO: One Direction’s Zayn Malik…”Pimpin'” Islam?

Zayn Malik. Nineteen-years-old. Very Attractive. Member of the British boy band “One Direction” who is taking over the tween market worldwide. Um, 3.5 million Twitter followers. Oh, and half-Pakistani, and…Muslim *gasp*.

Anyway. I won’t write too much because that is what the video is for, but I’ll give you the background: Some crazy conservative by the name of Debbie Schlussel has written a blog post that is accusing Zayn of “pimpin’ Islam” on American girls and using his influence to entice Jihad.


My thoughts exactly. Well, my thoughts are more specified in the following video… (along with an embarrassing confession that involves praying about Justin Timberlake as a child…you’ll have to watch the video for full details.)

I was trying to be calm in the video and not hate on Debbie too much (though real talk, there was definitely a more anger-filled rant that I didn’t post), because really, I didn’t want to fight hate with hate. But then I did a little more research on Debbie and discovered she essentially bashes Islam for a living. I’m all for freedom of speech and perspective, but when Debbie tweets things that insinuate that she believes all 1.8 billion Muslims in the world should die, she’s just as bad as the terrorists she hates on.

Real Talk…you can’t let a few bad apples define an entire group of people (otherwise you should have been hating on either Army vets, or Christians, or any other category Timothy McVeigh fell under, as well as Germans because I mean, Hitler hated all Jews so therefore using Debbie-thinking all Germans are bad, etc. You get my point.)

As far as the primary purpose of this blog post, I will conclude with this: Now, a whole bunch of Zayn Malik/1D fans know about a random hate-filled conservative American, and they’re not too fond of her. (Let’s just say…Debbie is lucky that these young, obsessive OneDirectioners are technically incapable of issuing a fatwa on her life.)


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