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Basketball Jones, I Got a Basketball Jones…

Confession: I used to be a boy.

OK, not anatomically, but at least in interests. I grew up playing video games, having Power Ranger action figures, and watching basketball on the reg (a fan since the 94-95 season, I became obsessed with the Orlando Magic in the finals and would adopt Penny Hardaway as my fave player/crush of choice.) I would read the sports section daily, specifically to check the scores, player stats, and team standings (I woulda killed Fantasy Basketball if they had it back then.) I rocked basketball jerseys (I had the blue Penny jersey, my brother had the black one.) I even chose my favorite numbers based on players (1, 8, and 23… Penny, Kobe, Jordan. I still claim these numbers as favorites to 14 years later.) When Michael Jordan made that final shot in game 6 of the 1998 Finals over Bryon Russell? And it was obvious that the Bulls had won? Yeah….I cried. Like, a lot. I could care less that my older brother graduated from UC San Diego that day… what mattered to me was the fact that the Bulls had just played their final game of the season, and I knew in my heart that my favorite player, Michael Jordan, would be retiring from the game (well, um, sort of. There was that whole stint as a Wizard that everyone seems to overlook.)


So since today is sorta a big deal in the Jordan world (the “Concord” Air Jordan XI shoes came out today, and apparently widespread violence along with it to cop a pair), I thought I’d share that story of my boyish childhood, as well as share details on a shoot I did back in May with a diehard MJ fan (heck, the guy’s name is Jordan Michael. Coincidence? Hardly.)

Here’s a quick overview. Jordan Michael Geller, a diehard sneakerhead, built a 9000sf museum-like shrine to Nike. TWO-THOUSAND SHOES! I visited. He gave me the rundown of Jordans since 1985, the way pop culture inspired shoes (from beer to the Simpsons to Elmers Glue and more), and yeah. Here are the associated videos. I demand that you watch. And educate yourself. At least the first one. It’s really cool. (Just Do It.)

History of the Jordan Sneaker


Overview of the ShoeZeum: 2000 Pairs of Nike, 1 Warehouse


And if you’re too lazy to sit through many minutes of dope footage and interviews and knowledge, here are some photos I took that day of some of my favorite sights:

M&M-inspired. Not to be confused with Eminem-inspired…
…Eminem-Inspired. Literally.
Eat my shorts! Or um, shoes.
…Because you “dunk” Oreos in milk? Eh? Maybe?
With great power comes…shoes designed after you.
I <3 cookies
Why not put Denver Broncos shoes on a Bronco truck?
Their soundtrack = my first CD
Original Jordan XI’s


Nintendo & Playstation shoes
Shoes can fall under “school supplies”, yeah?
Shoulda been more futuristic?
1996 Olympics, anyone?
Personal favorite. Final Photo. Bye, Bye, Bye.



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